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Strangetown Bulletin 1

(occasionally updated)


Circe and Loki told Nervous about his real mother, while of course not mentioning his father.

The first thing he asked was

"So Ophelia...?"

"She's your cousin. Remember, she's the daughter of Willow, your aunt, and Ceron."

"Oh. I always liked her, pretty girl; she was nice to me at school when all the other kids were mean. She's my cousin? I guess that means I can't ask her to marry me when she grows up."

"Nope. Sorry, son."

Meanwhile Circe had only one thing on her mind. Babies!

"But if we have children we won't be able to travel. And with - well, things as they are here..."

Circe wasn't convinced. "I don't think anyone is going to do much travelling once things really get started. And the Sim race has to go on. I wanted to get my career well underway, but now I'm worried I might have left it too late."

Loki knew that look in his wife's eyes. He knew that she would get her own way. For his part, Loki didn't like children - messy little creatures. That's why they had had Nervous Subject, he supposed. He had helped around the house a little, was learning to cook and necessary, of course, for experiments. Now he wanted to go and join the Army, and go and live with his ageing mother. Their lives were going to change dramatically, war or no war.


So Nervous went back to live with Ophelia. She had the habit of sitting in the garden among all the tombstones, chatting to - nobody visible. Ophelia had really disliked this habit. She had delayed setting off for college, because she didn't want to leave her aunt alone. She was delighted to discover Nervous was her cousin.

"That is SO COOL! I always wanted a brother!"

Now Ophelia set off for college, happy to know dear, dotty Aunt Olive would not be alone. Nervous persuaded Olive to send all the tombstones to the cemetery, something Ophelia had never been able to do, and extend the house instead. Delighted to have a new project, she agreed.

She also told him his real name was Nestor.

The next day, they planned to go to the cemetery in Pleasant Woods to visit her "old friends" as she called them. Nervous also wanted to visit the Apple Store. But their plans were interrupted.


An important announcement:

"Citizens! We are at war! The enemy is approaching, and our leaders have attempted negotiation fruitlessly.

Do come and sign up to serve your country, your neighbours, your world. A new recruiting station has been opened in Strangetown, and we will be very happy to see you.

Unemployed adult Sims will be receiving letters about this. Conscription is a great opportunity! Learn new skills and support the cause!"

Some of the Capp family had settled in Strangetown. And there was news. War was coming. War with The Other. They were always called that. Nobody really knew what the war was about except the politicians. But now there was a call-up. All unemployed and non-pregnant adults were required to join the Military.

Kent, because of the authority he carried (and because he knew all the right people) was immediately appointed Recruiting Officer, and with Regan's help set up a small Recruiting Office for the district in the old Government Facility, which had recently been reclaimed to form the local Armed Forces base.

The Kims watched the news with dismay. Their new baby, little green Kob, was only a few hours old when they heard the announcement. They had accepted the forced move to Strangetown because of the segregation laws, but - this strange old house they had been allocated, the not-very good school in the area for their son, the lack of decent shopping were not pleasing. Now there was war. They wouldn't be without Kob, but both of them were employed, so they would not be conscipted. However, Cynthia could see Robert was wondering about signing up.

Jenny Smith and Pollination Tech had come over for drinks. "I don't think it's such a good idea for you,darling" said Cynthia. "You're still not allowed heavy work after Kob's birth."

Jenny said "I would join up like a flash - but I've just got my Internship and I think they will need medics more than ever. And PT is retired."

"Yes, but you can't claim that a Legal Secretary is an essential worker?"

"You'll be a lawyer soon. THEN you'll be essential!"

What Cynthia didn't tell anyone - yet - was that she was already bored with the legal work, and had applied for a posting as a War Correspondent. Peter Ottomas, her colleague, said he would certainly not apply for that, as it would put him in harm's way and he had his family to think about.

Gabriel Green, working at the Dig, was also expecting an alien baby. He admitted he was a little nervous about it to Jenny Smith, his doctor.

"Gabriel, don't you think you should cut down on work a little bit? You ARE very pregnant."

"I'm fine. And we found some more vases today. The Dig is so exciting! The dinosaur skeleton is almost complete, and the artefacts just keep coming up! Also, local people are volunteering to help. Someone has to be here onsite to organise them and show them how to record and store the artefacts."

Nestor Specter (previously known as Nervous Subject) popped in, but didn't want to talk long. Pascal Curious too, who Gabe noted was also pregnant.

Nestor didn't really like Gabe very much.

Gabe's baby daughter.


Pascalita Curious

Vidcund's daughter Varsi was born. Laszlo also seemed to be pregnant.

The next in the baby boom was Laszlo's daughter Szlovenia.

The Curious house was getting fuller and they added on a room upstairs for Pascal and Pascalito.

Some time later, Nestor and Olive finally got to the cemetery and the Apple store.

Nestor really enjoyed the Apple Store.

Mortimer was the owner and really enjoyed his work there.

"Mean to your mother? Certainly not. But I AM married, very happily, as it happens. Please tell her I appreciate the compliment."

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