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Update 7: Three and a Half Goths and one Traveller, Bells, Dreamers

Little Danielle was doing fine. Don, meanwhile, had the whole house exterior done up in brighter colours. "Yes, it's an old house, but it doesn't have to look a mess! And I want a wine cellar. And a garage. And a hot tub!"

Cass just totally adored him, and contentedly encouraged him to spend their money; they were both doing well at work and had plenty. He loved red sportscars and bought three, built a new garden wall... the house didn't look the same at all. And of course, there was a brand new hot tub in the basement, and a mini-flat for the butler.

But suddenly she was pregnant AGAIN! Her boss was teasing her gently about all the time she was having off work, and she wondered whether she should just stop work altogether.



Tina was left all by herself. Almost a teenager. But she was taken by the Social Worker from the Traveller family home in Pleasant Woods. "Larger than the homes I am usually called to. Well, the Council will take it as payment for your keep. We'll find you a nice new family."

"I don't feel safe out here. Things fall out of the sky and KILL people."

"Do they, dear?" The Social Worker was puzzled by this solemn little person.

"Mama was squished by a satellite. And Papa was taken away by a flying saucer. And THEY squished HIM TOO!"

"Yes, dear. Now, when I look at my notes, there is this really nice family that would love you to stay with them for a while. They have a son and a daughter, who are both a little older than you."

"It would be nice to have someone to play with."

"The Mum is a dancer, with her own studio. Would you like to learn to dance? And we'll get you enrolled for school too."

"I never went to school. Something might fall on me."

"Hm, I see. You had tutors. Well, school is lots of fun, specially the one here in the Woods. I think you will enjoy it."

The Bells, Desiderata's usual foster-family, welcomed little Tina. She soon became best friends with her new "sister", and (rather more respectful) with her older "brother".

She was delighted to begin learning ballet. Here is Hannah, her new Mum, behind her you can just see Tina. The other two are visitors to the studio.


Meadow was pregnant.

Darren was painting.

"Tonight's the last night of freedom before college, let's stay up all night and play snowboarding."

Darren was at last beginning to make decent money from his paintings: they were selling for about 500 a time.

Their baby girl, Darleen and Meadow was immediately pregnant again. She warned Darren that twins ran in her family, so they built an extension for the babies.