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Update 3: The Sad Sad Tale of Jessica Peterson

''Some girls have all the fun and Jessica was always a little precocious. While Armand was adding up his riches, she was adding up her exploits. She's been getting closer to Carlos Contender (and his wallet). Maybe it's time to invite him over?''

Some have accused Jessica of being a gold-digger. Her first husband, Armand de Bateau, divorced her when she failed to produce the required son. Then she went to live in Belladonna Cove's trailer park, before it was demolished by the Town Planning Council. And she has been cruelly treated by Fate. Her wealthy fiance, Carlos Contender, married someone else! Well all right, they were not exactly ENGAGED, and maybe he wasn't exactly HERS. But she had had her eye on him for a long time. Someone else had swooped in and married him instead of her. How dare she?

Trying to cheer herself up, she bought herself an old violin and found she particularly enjoyed it, when the notes started to come out right. She was working at the store as a Record Clerk. Booring. But at least there was music. She asked Christian Love to move in with her, hoping that between them they might be able to move out of the trailer park. He had a decent job, an Obituary Writer, so they did manage to get a tiny house, still in Belladonna Cove. She was growing very fond of Christian, but - well, Jessica is a rather shallow Sim. And Christian was quite a lot older than she. But he wanted to get married, so she agreed. Why not? She knew all too well how little it took to break a marriage.

But sadly, their relationship wasn't lasting very well."I'm just - older than I look, Jess."

"Aren't there pills you can take for that?" she bit her tongue. "That's all right, love. Let's just cuddle."

But Jessica felt very unsettled. Older men were all very well, but maybe someone younger would have more energy!

One evening, Antonio Monty dropped in, and also Sandy Wilkie.

Jessica was busy cooking while Christian greeted their guests.

Antonio was no flirt, and Jessica felt quite put down until she discovered why - she found him watching through the window as Christian and Sandy Gothier made out in her bed. "So THAT's what he likes. Oh, what?"

That was it. "I'm sorry, Jessica. It wasn't just making out."

"Antonio, get out."


"Leave. Now. Before the fun starts."

Keep calm, girl. Deal with one thing at a time!

Next up.

"You should know better, you're married yourself."

"Play around with my husband indeed."

"Babe, we can work this out."


"I can explain..."


Deep breath. "I neverwanttoseeyouagain!"

The tears of a philanderer.

Alone again, naturally.

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Sita March 30, 2014