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Uberhood Update 2: Belladonna Cove

Gina Avers

Was resurrected here after being bitten by a zombie in Strangeways. Of course she has no memory of that!

Met Stephen Monif (AKA Ben Long) and got a job as a Field Sales Representative. Of course, Gina could sell anything!

"Knitting will prove to be the explanation for all that."

Ajay Loner had been studying as an external student and got his degree in Drama from the Batbox Correspondence University of Distant Learning. With no money after buying his house, he managed to rig up a bed from boxes, and set off for a community lot to learn charisma. He soon got a job as a Mailroom Operative, and immediately developed a crush on his boss, Elizabeth Aspir.

"Thanks for the compliment, darling, but I've been very happily married for - more years than you know. You've made my day though!"

Ajay had a fire right outside his house. He suspected Christian Love of starting it (Christian is a shifty character and had been hanging around). Ajay's visitor, Consort Capp, was caught in it. Ajay extinguished him, twice, and then was caught in the fire himself. Christian came back and called an ambulance, got them to the hospital.

"Now I'm a hero," he said. "Where were the fire brigade?"

Questions were asked, an investigation took place, lessons were learned.

In another part of the neighbourhood.

Linda Barthelet, former girlfriend of Malcolm Landgraab, moved into an apartment in BC.


She had left Malcolm, when he moved a certain pretty witch into his mansion, she moved out. One Michelle Walter, to be exact. The last she had heard, they were engaged.

"He promised me a good job, at the Dante Lounge. I worked hard for him. Well, never mind. I don't need him. I'll give this baby a good home, somehow. I had hoped to make a new career in the Army but that's not going to work with a baby. At least Mal is making sure we have a roof over our heads."

Malcolm did at least pay for an apartment for her, in the nicer part of Belladonna Cove. Tiddle Winks lived upstairs and they quickly made friends.

Then one night, when she was looking forward to just putting her feet up and snoozing with some crisps and the telly for company, Malcolm phoned her up for a date. "Ahh, tired of the witch already?" she thought but held her tongue. "We'll meet at the Hub," he said.

"I need new disco clothes, I can't get into any of my clothes now."

"Never mind that, sweetheart, you know I don't care what you wear."

Typical male that he was, he missed the point that SHE cared what she wore, specially as he brought along a bunch of his friends from Bluwater.

She felt tired and dowdy, dared not drink because of the baby, and spent a lot of the time resting. But even wearing her horrible maternity clothes, she won him over. "Yes, let's get married. He is my son, and I have always wanted a family. Michelle? No, I haven't seen her for some time."

He decided to sell his club, and buy them a house. He didn't want his son to grow up in an apartment - he found a pretty house with a garden, close to the Sistine Chapel. Meanwhile, he got a job in Show Business which he found quite exiting, and very lucrative.

They called the baby Malcolm V.

They asked an older lady who worked with Malcolm to move in as a live-in Nanny, Marie Guevara.

She decided she would like a career in Showbiz too.

Her neighbour Gina Rutherford had twin boys! She and Connor were delighted and called them Connaught and Condor.

The Goth Seniors

Viola Goth's baby finally arrived, and was called Duncan.

Mortimer took up playing the violin. "One baby at a time. That's quite enough!"