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As the Butt Turns

After many years of studying and working hard, the Butts had a lovely home on a small island just outside Monte Vista.

Cornelius Butt, attempting to teach the local hairdresser Peggy some logic.

Rohina, seen here at home, was employed by the Police as a 3D Crime Scene Modeller, Cornelius was a Gene Therapist and their only daughter Myrtle was away at boarding school.

They set up a new laboratory in the house, and Cornelius discovered a Young Again potion.

And drank it while Rohina was busy talking on the phone to Myrtle, their daughter, away at Smuggsworth Boarding School. So she never saw his sparkles!

"Hey, looking good! there's something about you tonight. That new exercise machine is doing you good."

"I have something for you." He gave the second flask to Rohina.

And now there were sparkles a-plenty!

"Oh, my dear! You look splendid."

"I do feel much better, stronger, sharper. Well, maybe not THAT much sharper. Clothes shopping time! You can choose an outfit for me, as long as I can choose one for you."

"On condition I can choose when and where not to wear it, fine!"

She really disliked the PJs he suggested. "Chav PJs? Did you choose these for any particular reason?"

"Easy to take off... er - I mean..."


She chose his tan jacket and a lovely coat and boots for winter.

"I'll get Peggy to sort out my hair. You're not touching that! I need to keep it up for work anyway, or it flops in my face. And you could ask hir to look at your hair too... you seem to have a lot more of it!"

S/he advised a short beard, which grew surprisingly quickly, and tied his hair back. "Most distinguished. A woman can go as young as she wants, but you want to still look respectable, not TOO young."

For her, Cornelius chose a fairly revealing outfit, which she had to admit looked cute. "You could wear your hair down, too. Looks very sexy down."

Peggy provided some wonderful hairspray that magically stopped her hair from flopping in her face.

They had fun choosing a formal getup for Rohina.

"And darling, lose those awful pink socks! You always wear them! Even with your formal!"

"But they are so comfortable!"

"You're not an Elder now. You don't get to be comfortable, just pretty! And the hair up, I think, for formal, as well as work and athletics. But let me play with the style a little."

And finally, the Prima Donna Look for working out.

They went to visit the new Venice Amusement Park to try out their new look.

It was a beautiful day. The stonework looked so bright and clean; of course it had been very recently built.

Rohina: "I've always dreamt of a romantic ride on a gondola. It's taken a long time to get here!"

The gondola was nice, but Cornelius thought he would rather be playing computer games... and after a few songs from the gondolier, so did Rohina. Or maybe she just wanted to get changed into something a little more - covered - before any of her friends saw her.

They didn't tell their friends, or employers, how they were looking so much younger, deciding it would be better to just allow them to guess. As for the future, Rohina said "I would like to get some more degrees."

"Some more? Not just one more?"

"I want them ALL!"

"Well I would like to get some training in Technology. I don't know enough about that stuff. and the parties at Uni are great!"

The Butts Continued