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More of Monte Vista: Butting In

The Butts moved to Monte Vista. Rohina had always wanted to go to University and persuaded her hubby Cornelius to go with her as a new University had opened not too far away.

"But what about Myrtle?"

"She can go to boarding school while we're away. It will build her character! Anyway, I want to get away from all this snow. It's so COLD here!"

Rohina, of course, signed up for Fine Arts, and Cornelius decided he would do Science and Medicine.

They rented a little house on campus, as she couldn't stand the idea of living in a Dorm with all those young things.

No. Swimsuit parties were bad enough! All those rockets!

She found she really didn't like sketching. While Rohina worked very hard, as studying came naturally to her, Cornelius got on better with the Jocks, who wanted to party all the time, and wound up having to beg the professor for marks.

She discovered she loved Science, though she had actually signed up for Fine Arts.

After their first term, it was time for daughter Myrtle to come home and spend a little time with them.

It was snowing at home in Monte Vista.


And Rohina could play the gracious hostess again entertaining worthy local dignitaries.