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Invia Nunquam

"What a strange place. Cornelius, where are we?"

"This house says it is called 'Three Fangs!' Cornelius, what are we doing here?"

"I was asked to come back here to investigate the Red Death Plague. My darling, I think you were drunk when you agreed, at least, you didn't seem to react."

"I am never drunk!"

"Well, then you must have been asleep."

"As for this house, it's rented for us by the Department of SiMedicine. We'll be responsible for repairs though. One thing - there isn't any Police Department here, so you can't do Forensics..."

"Then I'll come and help you with the Plague Research. It sounds quite interesting."

"And no Boarding Schools, so Myrtle will have to attend the local school. If there is one."

The house was amazing. And amazingly damp.

And yes, the roofs needed quite significant repairs.

At first Rohina had her work cut out tidying and redecorating the place. She kept discovering bones. But, being Rohina, nothing phased her.

There was a lot of cleaning and tidying to do.

Getting used to the local transport system.

And Rohina made herself a pleasant study.

But there was always time for a few romantic moments.

Cornelius invested a lot of time in the Hospital, setting it up as a Teaching Hospital and introducing more modern methods.



The world is Dragon Valley Roadless from SimsMedieval. It's based on EA's Dragon Valley but has no roads and a more mediaeval look. Transport is by horse or walking. (I was disappointed to discover that BROOMS don't work, without roads. Nor do school buses.)

Three Fangs is a wonderful house made by Murfeel for a Goth Challenge.

I'm using it as a place to collect some of my older Sims together, to try new things. It's a place where Sims land if the Time Machine breaks, or other unforeseen happenings...

The name of the place is derived hence:

nulla tenaci invia est via = For the tenacious, no road is impassable = motto of the Dutch car builder Spyker.

nunc aut nunquam = now or never = Motto of the Korps Commandotroepen, Dutch elite special forces.

so Invia Nunquam

Sita November 20, 2016