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More Immigrants to Isla Paradiso

Another immigrant was Ebenezer Clavier. After spending the last few years in London, busy and crowded, he was delighted to be in Isla Paradiso. Of course he still missed his dear Aria, but they had found one another too late in life. The little they had together was now just happy memories. No regrets. Finally retired from conducting the Symphony Orchestra, he intended to learn to fish and simply enjoy himself. He thought he might teach a little piano, if he found suitable students.

He bought a small house at 69 Paradise Road which overlooked the sea, and a little boat.

A new, shiny, fishing rod, and off he went to explore.

Audrey Hepburn bought a tiny houseboat. Throwing out the ancient black and white TV and installing a new bookcase helped make the limited space feel more comfortable. She put her easel on the top deck and hoped it wouldn't be ruined by the almost constant rain. There were no acting jobs here, so she wasn't sure what she would do.

The first time she tried to cook, her brand new cooker was faulty and set on fire. She got 206 from insurance and decided to take the manufacturer to court.

She was only JUST rescued from a fiery death and her hair was mostly burned off. Needing to rest and not feeling like meeting people while it grew back, she became even more of a loner and concentrated on her fishing.

And another immigrant was Reggiko Winkle, who bought a small farm. She expected to stay single; she had never had any luck with romance. She thought getting married was as likely as finding a unicorn. Well, who knew?

[I think that is the first time in all my games any Sim has seen one!]

Then one day she bumped into Hunter Cottoneye.


The beautiful Audrey Hepburn was made by Hellfrozeover and is available at the Sims Daily Forum.