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IP Chapter 9b: Brain Enhancement

"Come on Helen, it won't hurt a bit."

"You just want to look up my skirt."

"No, really. I swear... I need to try out a test subject in this thing for an assignment. I promise it won't harm you."


"It made me SEE things. I could see right inside your head, you naughty student boy you! I don't like what I saw in your head at all!"

Octavian was not happy there.

He made friends with a mature student called Francis that he liked a lot. Talking it through with her, he decided that life was too short to spend it doing something he didn't want to do, somewhere he didn't feel comfortable. She told him she had spent her whole life doing other people's laundry and had always wanted to write books on Fine Art. Finally she had made it to University, and her life had really changed.

"Now you keep in touch, when you get back to the real world," she made him promise. Sadly, he never managed to find her again.

But she had helped him make his mind up. He left Uni. He had also decided his lifetime ambition was to be a farmer; he loved gardening and plants.. He took his special Uni mug home with him.

The guys waving him off.

He bought a little house, and extended it; the plan was that the guys would all live there when they came back, at least until it was time to go back to Uni for the following term.