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HFO Sponsored Students

HFO or the Handsome Funding Office sponsored some immigrants to IP, on condition they increase their skillset and go to university. (The subtext adds that they should all reproduce because the IP is drastically underpopulated.)


The Dorm's Founder, Fitzwilliam Pemberley VIII, representing the fine traditions of the College. In his underpants, being eyed by a thoughtful Sam.

There was some experimentation.

Some snoozing.

Some sketching.

"You gonna clean that off later."

"Yeah, yeah."

After the end of the first term, they decided to pull out all the stops and have a party. They used up most of the rest of the grant from the HFO (short for Handsome Foundation for Overly Attractive Sim Guys), and invited everyone they knew, and a few others.

One of the roommates departed unexpectedly.

Which broke the ice quite well; after that everyone started to talk to everyone else.

Poor Xander rather liked Ayana, but she was clearly smitten by Ichi.



These lovely lads were all made by HellFrozeOver, mostly availabe from her Tumblr.

The whole idea was inspired by a calendar made for The Sims Daily forum bearing images of her Sim men as firemen. (This was given as a prize for Simmers who made birthday cards for Sims Daily's Birthday celebrations, so I'm sorry I can't link it. It's a wonderful object.)