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Time, Shells and Soulstones

T'Resa had installed the Time Machine in the top of the MOAR Store, for those days when she was bored. Not at home, because she didn't want the children to play with it.

Brandt was proud to show off their collection of shells.

T'Resa was more interested in the display of Soulstones.

"Yes I am wearing an outfit from the past. I've just been there. And no, they don't have washing machines there! That doesn't give you the right to criticise!"

Travis took shelter in the toybox.

This stupid paparazza didn't know his Mum.

3... 2... 1...


"Now stick THAT in your paper!"


And Brandt met a mermaid called Jack.

To be Continued

Sita September 14, 2017