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Catching up with the Hookins

Dale and Delilah Hookins were brother and sister, living together in a small house in IP. Larry and Pippsi's grandchildren, and both still contentedly single.

Dale was feeling his age, and bought a "My Best Friend" robot so Delilah wouldn't have to look after him by herself as he got more and more infirm with age.

The robot, called Angel, was pretty rusty by the time he arrived at the house. Possibly because he insisted on SWIMMING everywhere. Through the lawn.

Along the beach.

Up the path, not neglecting to admire the maid on the way.



But it turned out he was quite handy, and made some Pet Hygienators.

Unfortunately he had to go and get some scrap. There were no boats, so he swam all the way there.

And finally shut down as he arrived at the junkyard. Delilah travelled over, also swimming all the way, and repaired him so he could collect his scrap.


Sita July 31, 2019