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The Kewians

Sooo and Doug, and their children Marge, Megan, Mowlam, Mindy and Mimi.

Moved into a semi detached house in the suburbs. The house next door was currently unoccupied, which was just as well, as they were a noisy, lively, busy family.


"Mom's busy."

Doug took up jogging and got very fit fast, seemed to have an aptitude for it. He also learned to cook.

The toddlers learned their skills.

Doug got sacked from being a sports fan.... Why? How can you get sacked from being a sports fan? But he went back and signed up for the job again and was accepted...

Megan was quite a solitary child, and enjoyed going for long walks.

And sitting in hillsides.

Mowlam wanted to get fit. "Can we get a trampoline Mom? Please Mom?"

"When your Daddy gets a real job, maybe."

Megan's birthday. Under all that puppyfat and long hair lurked...


Well when Megan aged up to teen, he discovered he was not a girl at all but a chubby boy.

"I told you that damn midwife was drunk!" said Sooo. Doug laughed and handed Megan a can of beer.

"You're coming with me to the City hall tomorrow, and we will change your name. Then we hit the gym."

But after the official name-change, Sean escaped for a makeover. However, looking in the mirror, he decided there wasn't much he wanted to change about himself. He would like a tattoo though.

"Well, I'm not really supposed to do tattoos on teens, kid - but I have some temporary airbrush ones I could do for you, see how you like them and come back if you want when you're a little older."

Sean wanted to go to the Science protest that afternoon, even though it was his sister Mimi's birthday.

Mowlam announced his intention of becoming a Surgeon, or at least a doctor with his own practice.

"You're not practicing on me!" squawked Mimi.

Megan/Sean was quite confused over gender issues, and wondered if he might be gay. So he joined the army.


Sooo Kewian and Doug are a Self-Sim and her spouse from MATY.


I misunderstood Doug's LTW - it said 'Raise 5 children from baby to adult' so I gave them, in CAS, 5 children, of various ages. So he definitely will be surrounded by family!

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