A Surprise ]

A Family Sim

Jelenedra felt a little bit ashamed. After the roomy, glorious castle, the trailer seemed even smaller. Cheap furniture, although it was quite a pleasant trailer park... she needn't have worried. Trepie couldn't take his eyes off the children. He actually squealed as they went inside. "Babies! My babies!"

Jelenedra was still thinking about the ring Trepie had given her. "I must get this valued, it is very heavy, and it looks antique." he had actually apologized and said he would get her a real engagement ring; but this was simply gorgeous, sapphires surrounding a large ruby in a setting of Welsh gold. She loved it, and didn't ask where he got it.

The babysitter was delighted to have met the infamous Trepie McDark. "Wait'll I tell them at school!"

Trepie was charmed by the babies, and played with them while Jelenedra baked cakes. "Can they read yet?" he asked. "I could read them a story?" 

The great Emperor of Evil, not quite sure how to approach this solemn little person.

After a while he looked up from the twin with whom he was discussing the state of the world.

"Jelenedra, sweetheart, marry me please? Come live with me in my castle and we will make lots more babies!"

Jelenedra was not convinced about the castle being a good place to raise children, nor about having many more babies. Two was enough for her! But Trepie was rich, fun to be around, and she could wind him around her little finger. What more could any Simwoman want? Of course she said yes.

Jelly was Evil, Excitable.

"Say Daddy!"

Trippy was Friendly and a Slob.

Jelenedra continued to get her own way. They put the castle up for sale, and bought a large family house in the suburbs of Newton leFade.


Trepie took one last look, hoping he had removed all the evidence.

They moved to the Old Spenster Place, a pretty, and quite large, suburban house in the better part of town. Jelenedra knew perfectly well what Trepie's profession was, but felt it was necessary to keep her and her daughters in the style to which she intended to become accustomed.

Rakenface-McDarks in Moonlight Falls