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McDarks in BonSanco 2

Jelenedra was still pretty depressed. "I am OLD. I am not appreciated. I am not pretty. I NEED TO BE PRETTIER!"

So she asked her daughter Trippy to train her. "I need to feel really good about myself again. I need to LIKE the person I see in the mirror!"

With that same intention, she got employment at the local Spa, where she had been a customer since moving to BonSanco and of course knew the job inside out, and met many fascinating Sims. And got free makeovers whenever she wanted them, her hair dyed etc.

Trepie himself had big plans. Of course, he refused to tell her what they were - "Need to know, my love, and I need you not to know."

One Wednesday, Pes came over with a time machine after Jelenedra, Trippy and Jelly had departed for work and the children to school, Pes installed it in the yard. "Better out of doors, the explosions, you know."

"One of these days I want to see the stars..."

"You do realise this is a TIME machine, don't you? Now I don't want to know anything about your plans, but I must warn you to change things as little as possible. The time stream is more resilient than most science fiction writers think, but even so..."

Of course, nothing ever goes completely according to plan. Trepie had been reading, and taken THIS as a hint.

A hundred dollars put into a savings account at 6% for 200 years will be worth two million, which, by then, will be worthless.
—Lazarus Long, in Time Enough For Love by Robert A. Heinlein

So he made the investment he had planned. Just that. A simple investment, a couple of gold bars in the right places, places he KNEW from history would do well. Compound interest for how many years? It wasn't even illegal. He laughed all the way down the Mississippi.

And a haircut.

And a daughter.

"If I had left her there, she would have starved. So I brought her with me. I don't think Jelenedra will mind!"

"Are you my Mommy?"

"Just as long as no-one thinks I'm your grandmother."

"All yours, Pes! Thank you very much!"





All gone. Scrap to take home, nothing here, no, nothing unusual at all.

Job complete as requested, Pes left with a carful of scrap, a nice wad of untraceable Simolean notes in his pocket and a very satisfied look on his face.

Kenyatta was easily accepted by the rest of the family. The twins were especially delighted to have a new sibling "without all that messy baby stuff" and she followed them everywhere like a happy little puppy.

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