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Pescado in Newport


Once again a refugee, Pes moved into a warehouse with his latest cats.

All his money went on the house, but he wasn't worried. "There's always loads of junk lying around for an enterprising pirate.".

On the first day he came back with some stones, nuggets of gold, iron, silver and a small space rock which he sold to pay for the cats' food and a little paint. The warehouse he lived in had a basement! Perfect for a lab.

He bought a cheap computer and managed to hack a little money to buy food and stuff... needed to get hold of an inventing bench from somewhere. And he planned to look for a junkyard so that he could start to make things again.

He made a little garden at the front of his warehouse. It would need fencing if there were zombies here.

Pes had two cats, Tyger and Ozzy, and they had kittens. The kittens are called P4m, Pgg and P6m. For now, he decided, he would keep them all. He enjoyed a houseful of cats. Better behaved than many Sims too.

He did make some friends in his new town.

There was Erick, for one. He lived at Versailles and was fiendishly rich.

Pes spent his evenings hacking and solving unsolvable puzzles, when he wasn't playing with the cats.

[I wasn't too impressed with the first one; my RL sons do this all the time! And Andrew Wiles beat Pes with Fermat's Last Theorem.]

He could only reach one part of the yard by swimming. But it was worth it!

Download the lot (made in game patched to 1.57)


Newport is a rebuild of Bridgeport by Erwinsims available for testing here


Sita May 24, 2016