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Chronicles of Moonlight Falls Part 2

The Lights Family

This farmhouse was in the same style as their old house. There was a working farm and all was rosy. Except that they needed a garage.

"I'll have to plough up the fields and replant all those trees" grumbled Tita.

"I'll help," said Tita Second.

"OK, but do your homework first, yes?"

Finally all the work was complete. The basement now contained their nectar press, nectar stores, and a potions bench. Tita Second wanted a gem cutter too, and soon they could afford one.

Tita had reached the top of her profession and was a Creature-Robot Cross-Breeder.

They were taken aback by the first full moon, when a lot of zombies turned up and consumed a couple of perfect apple trees. Whole.

Some good fencing was soon installed to keep them away from the crops.

TitaI preparing for their trip to Shang Simla. That's a zombie, who seemed to find her quite attractive but backed off when he saw what she did to the space rock.

"We have bugs," said Tita. Nothing in the garden seemed to be working right. Tita wondered if all their hard work replanting their precious top-quality vegetables and grapes had been wasted.

"We have ghosts too," said Tita Second. "Look!"

"Time for TitaI to perform an exorcism then," said Tita.

The two ghosts were duly banished and took up residence in a small cottage near the cemetery. [see Chronicles of Moonlight Falls Part 3]

Time for another trip to Shang Simla.

Grapes are like spinach to practitioners of the Martial Arts...

Tita took part in a Martial Arts Tournament, and learned to meditate.

TitaI found lots of metals and a few beetles and butterflies.

Tita Second learned some chess and read a lot.

"There is ALWAYS time for shopping!"

Keeping in touch with old friends.

Working out.

The Rakenface McDarks in Moonlight Falls

Trepie decided to follow a political career instead. Safer.

The adults didn't do a great deal in Moonlight Falls, preferring to stay out of the limelight. Except that Trepie climbed to a modest post in the political career, not much happened.

Jelly and Trippy

The Rakenface girls shared a little house just down the road from their parents. The older twin daughters of Trepie McDark and Jelenedra Rakenface, they are as different as chalk and cheese.

Jelly's stated ambition is to be an astronaut; while Trippy fully intends to become Leader of the Free World. With their father heading fast for leadership of the Moonlight Falls Crime Syndicate, also called the Don't Mess With Us Union , anything is possible. However, Dad's progress has been slowed lately by the arrival of another set of twins! Netty and Hector. Their mother is said to be "stupefied but recovering".

On the evenings when they were not babysitting for their parents, Jelly and Trippy usually visited the local bar.


The lovely house of the Lights family was made by SimSample based on ATS Sandy's farmhouses; I moved it from SimSample's Jericho world!