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Oona decided Art was a suitable occupation for a lady, which she thought she was.

So she bought a partnership in the Darris Teeter Art Theatre. She took a painting class too.

Gardening was too much like hard work these days. All that bending. Sigh. She had hoped the youngsters could look after her garden now.

Livia aged up to teen. She's quite the Goth.

Oona fell for Dave Gant. But she turned down his marriage proposal. "I'm not the marrying kind. I will come and stay with you though, the kids will be fine looking after themselves, and they have a butler! Also, your little house doesn't have a garden I feel obliged to tend."

She can be very scarey at times.

Dave retired. He wanted some beehives.

Oona took a small job as a Decoy for a crime - and was immediately caught and sent to jail. She was not happy about that, and decided crime wasn't for her. However, she was impressed by the police officers, and took a minor job as an Investigator.