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As in Computer Memory.

Sims 3 uses LOTS of memory. I'm talking about RAM, not disk space!

(Sims' Memories are simple - turn it OFF! They clog up your game and slow it down.)

Your Save games for Sims are to be found in My Documents. I have this folder on my D drive to save space on my C drive, and it contains all my current saves.

On Windows, From the Programs menu, in the box at the bottom type dxdiag to find out how much RAM you have. On mine it shows as Memory: 16384 Meg RAM. 163,840,000 which we round to 16 Gigabytes.

Lots of modern computers have more than 4 Gigabytes of RAM. YOU NEED MORE! If you are lucky enough to have more, you can allocate more RAM to Sims 3: by default it is set to use 2 Gig, and when you reinstall it resets itself to 2 Gig.

You can set it to use HALF of what you have, if that's more than 4.

Go into where your basegame is. For a digital copy, it’s in Origin. If you have a disk, it’s in ProgramFiles(x86)/origin OR EA/the sims 3/game/bin.

Find the config file: Sims3.config

Make a safe copy of it somewhere else.

Open with Notepad.

Find in that file:

MemoryUsageLimit = 20000000

Change this value to HALF of your installed RAM. So if you have 16 Gigs, change the digit to 8, so the document reads

MemoryUsageLimit = 80000000

Save, making sure you choose Save AS

It will ask whether it should save over the existing file, tell it yes. And you DID keep a safe copy, didn't you?

That's it.

Thanks for the explanation to Cloudwalker and Dee on The Sims Dailies Forum.

Disk Space - room on your actual drive, the drive your Sims 3 game is installed on, as above.

In my case it's the C drive. If your computer supports/requires it, defrag regularly. Don't cram that drive so full it can't move... Sims CAN be installed on another drive if you have more.

Or you can redirect your User data to a different drive.