Death in Sims 3

Some would say the Sims games are all ABOUT killing Sims, or watching them die in uncomfortable ways. But you might as well say the Sims games are all about bathrooms!

Death certainly plays a part though.


Forms of Death





Forms of Death


Pregnant Sims can no longer be killed, at least by fire. See Fairlight's Family

Killing Sims

Death by Old Age

Sims that die this way have a ghost that is grey with white sparkles.


Motoki was (the first time) killed by a meteor.


To find out how to cheat to trigger one go here.


Since Seasons, aSim who is VERY cold AND very hungry can actually freeze to death. They need to NOT have a Flame Fruit in inventory, and NOT have their Outerwear on. Once the Sim has fallen over, frozen, the hunger bar must go all the way down to 0. Frozen Sims can and will generally be revived before they are starved by another Sim, unless you isolate them or turn off Free Will on their family. The ghost is ice-blue.


You can no longer kill a Sim by putting them in a swimming pool and removing the ladder. That's one grand old Sims tradition wiped out at a stroke... they actually climb out of the side of the pool if there is no ladder! RIP all those poor drowned TSO and Sims 1 and 2 swimmers... But if you make sure the Sim is totally tired out, and then send them for a swim, they may be too tired to get out of the pool and they will drown.

Sims that die this way have a ghost that is wavy blue, and rather like the Sims 2 drowned ghosts, appears to drip water.


Of course you can still starve the Sim - if he is a playable. If he's an NPC, he will go home at some point (by teleporting out).

Sims that die this way have a ghost that is purple with a wavy texture. They will raid your Sims' fridge!


Build a TINY room with a fridge, a counter, and a stove, and ideally no door. Make sure the Sim does NOT have the "Brave" trait. If he does, he will fight the fire. Have Sim cook something. As soon as the waffles are in the oven, Cancel the action. Forgetting he has started to cook, Sim will catch fire. He can't escape the fire if there is no door.

The ghost will be reddish with smoke.



Meggie, above, was struck by lightning. Also, with Seasons, splash in puddles, holding an umbrella, in heavy rain.

Failing to repair electrical items

Buy the most expensive TV there is, Make sure your Sim has no more than 1 point in Handiness skill. Wait for a TV to break, or have a Sim with the "Technophobe" trait on the lot (it can be the Sim you plan to kill). The Technophobe can "Sabotage" the TV. Have the victim Sim attempt to Repair it. 

If they don't die, next time make a puddle in front of the TV for them to stand in - one way to do this is to use TestingCheatsEnabled and drag the bladder bar right down.

Sims that die this way have a ghost that is bluish white with yellow electrical sparks.


Vampire Sims can die and produce a dark red ghost.

Death by Philosopher's Stone

as seen in the pictures above. Sometimes the Philosopher's Stone misfires and the Sim is instantly transformed into a solid gold statue. Very valuable, but also very dead!

The Reaper still comes and yes there is still a tombstone and a ghost (golden).

It may be advisable to keep a Death Flower in inventory of Sims who use the Philosopher's Stone. That way the statue's produced but the Sim survives!

Death by Mummy's Curse

Hard to see, but Rufio appeared to rise up in the air in a black whirlwind. And then suddenly shattered into fragments of ash, which drifted down to the ground.

Death by Ranting

If a Sim rants about everything, using the megaphone, from politics, relationship, etc until death. Once they rant about Death, he will get Expire in their queue... The first time, Grim gives them a warning.

The ghost is neon green.

Zombie Death

I think this one is the result of a mod, NRAAS Vector, with the Zombie Rage enabled.

Makes an impressive ghost.

Note that zombie Sims may be cured by being hit by a PeaShooter plant enough times:

Death by Cheating

For all of these, first turn on the master cheat TestingCheatsEnabled true


Those left behind mourn, even if they hated the dead Sim. The base Grief penalty is -50 for 48 hours.  You can reduce that to -25 by either putting the tombstone in the graveyard, or mourning. If you BOTH put it in the graveyard AND mourn, the penalty drops to -12, which is a significant cut given the length of the debuff.

A relative in another household dying off-stage incurs no penalty, but if your Sims see it happen, it's as bad as a regular household death.  The tombstone goes to the mortuary, so a visit to the graveyard to Manage Dead immediately will cut the -50 penalty.

While the Sims are mourning, have another sim do the 'cheer up' option in the friendly interaction and the -12 will drop to a -6.

Manage the Dead

This is particularly important if a Sim dies while overseas.

The tombstone will be placed in "a nearby cemetery". If you want to retrieve it, you have to take another playable Sim to the cemetery, and select Manage the Dead. Then they will be able to take the stone and place it, locally or back in your main Neighbourhood.

The Death Flower

A new thing for Sims 3! The Death Flower. If anyone in your Sim's family is a gardener or farmer it is well worth carrying one of these in each Sim's inventory (they can only be grown by Sims at the top of gardening skill, or occasionally picked inWA adventures) as Grimmy likes them VERY MUCH.

So much that he will delightedly accept the flower in lieu of the soul and resurrect the Sim who just died, AFTER she has gone through the whole process and transformed into a ghost - and take the flower home to put in water. This all happens automatically, there's no pleading. If she has it in inventory, the ghost presents it to Grim. (In this case it was particularly pleasing because the golden statue produced by TitaI remained).

The Grim Reaper

He also enjoys a social life.

and watching TV.


Resting - he prefers the top bunk.



In the usual way of things, tombstones and ashboxes can be picked up and put in (a live) Sim's inventory, whether in a cemetery or a family graveyard on the lot. Now wait for the Science Lab opportunity to bring a ghost to them. Bring it to the science lab, and your Sim gets the ghost as a playable member of the family - still in the form of a ghost.

To resurrect a ghost Sim, you need to make Ambrosia and persuade the Ghost to eat it. Unless the Ghost is playable, this is quite difficult, and Ambrosia takes expensive or difficult to grown ingredients.


Obtaining the ingredients

Items and ingredients


Cooking level 10
Fishing level 5 with angelfish bait or level 10 without
Gardening level 7

First, actually cooking the dish requires level 10 Cooking skill, and the recipe book required to learn it is expensive (§12,000).

Second, the first component, deathfish, needs level 10 fishing skill to catch. These fish can only be caught from Graveyard between midnight and 5AM, or all day long in a deathfish-stocked pond, with angelfish bait.

If the Sim is an angler, bait isn't needed nor do they have the time constraint to catch fish. Players can also catch 10 deathfish and "stock" a pond at home with them for all day access.

If the Sim has read a Fishing Skill (available at level 7) book that reveals the Angelfish bait from the deathfish.

Angelfish can be caught with Alley Catfish bait. Level 5 Fishing skill allows fishing with live bait. Ideally use perfect fish for live bait.

This can be done as early as level 5 and catching deathfish will quickly increase the skill.

Life fruit, which is only growable from Life Seeds, which are only plantable at level 7 gardening. The seeds can be found randomly scattered about town labeled as "Unknown Special Seeds", especially around or in the graveyard, after reaching stage 7 of the science career (the life fruit will show up in a Sim's inventory after a while) or as a reward from an opportunity from the EverFresh Delights Supermarket. These can also be picked in the tomb of the sky in Al Simhara, with World Adventures. However, level 7 gardening is not compulsory as the Fruit Stand also sells life fruits and rabbit holes such as time machines can give Sims a random object, which includes Life Fruit.

Once a plant is obtained, improve its quality by fertilizing with vampire fish and life fruit itself - or the default garlic.


Players also can buy a life plant if using "testingcheatenabled" and "buydebug" cheat.


Ambrosia is different from other dishes in a number of ways. After cooking it, if your Sim leaves it sitting around the lot, it will not spoil, but remain at Perfect quality.

Replicator Cludge

Ambrosia cannot normally be duplicated in a Food Replicator; a glitch in the game allows the player to store ambrosia in the Food Replicator if cooking it has started and then canceled when its model changes to a bowl. The food replicator will then give finished Ambrosia dishes, however they will always be a "Normal" quality due to the meal never actually being finished.

The bowl is now saveable on the replicator and when you recreate the ambrosia it will come out at normal quality, but as a fully prepared meal. It still has all its ghost-reviving and anti-aging qualities along with the divine meal moodlet!

To get around this, have a Sim with the Natural Cook trait "Kick It Up a Notch", which will bring the replicated Ambrosia to "Perfect" quality again. Storing it in a refrigerator will "divide" the dish into numerous servings until it spoils.

Sita January 29, 2016