Lifetime Happiness Cheat

(Sorry, Mac Simmers, Windows only)

This is a cheat to get extra Lifetime Happiness points.

Sometimes it works, sometimes for no apparent reason, it does not.

Sorry, Windows only. If you Mac users know how to do this on a Mac please let me know!

See the picture below.

It's important to do the first part of this AT THE MAIN MENU!

At the Main menu, open the cheat box by pressing Control Shift C together: testingcheatsenabled on or testingcheatsenabled true - both versions work - and hit Enter.

Now choose the savegame and family you want, go to the individual Sim and open up the tab that shows hir chest of Lifetime Happiness.

You will see a picture of a chest and the Sim's current score of points.

Hold down the Control key (Windows only) and click just below the chest, where you see the pointer in the picture below, between the chest and the numbers display. If you are clicking in the right place, the game will give you an extra 500 points for each click. Both left and right click work.

It has been reported that sometimes the extra points do not show up immediately in the display by the chest, but that if you press the Lifetime Rewards button you will see that the number has increased.