Sims 3 needs a lot of patching.

When installing, if you use disks, each Ep and Sp will ask for an update before installing, even if you do not use the launcher.

After the full install is done, it may well say that the game is up to date. But if you try to install SOME downloads (user-made) you may find that the game gives you an error saying that it is not up-to-date, and that you need to update your game and then reinstall the content.

I went through the whole uninstall reinstall process, patching all the way along as I went, with Origin installed, doing exactly what EA tells us to do. This still did not work; the game told me it was up to date, but the downloads told me it was not.

The Superpatch from EA

Disclaimer: The Superpatch is an official patch and is hosted directly on the EA servers.

The final Superpatch, used after installing clean versions of the EPs and SPs from your disks, updates to

If you use FPS limiter: put all the files including DLLs into the GameData\Bin of Sims 3, the same place your TS3W.exe is.