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SimBots are a life state introduced to The Sims 3 in The Sims 3: Ambitions. They refer back to Sims 1, The Sims Online and Sims 2 Servos, but are not the same.

In the game code, they are identified as "FrankenSims" and "Frankensteins".

The simbot will be, according to the family tree, the son or daughter of his/her creator.

Simbots have two eyes instead of the single camera-like eye of a Servo, and they look more robotic and more clunky.

Some suggest that The Sims 3 is set 50 years before The Sims 2 and 25 years before Sims 1, and has led to speculation that SimBots are prototypes for Servos.

Sims 2 Servos clearly appear as golden statues in the science labs, so it appears that they are a long-term goal.

SimBots can be male or female: male and female SimBots differ in the structures of their heads and torsos. The part which connects the torso and pelvis is longer and narrower on female SimBots. The females also have a touch of lipstick and longer eyelashes.


SimBots have most of the same needs as human Sims, except for hygiene. However, their needs are named differently and have a gray color.

SimBots possess no ability to shut down to conserve power, or use solar power to recharge, and may sleep in a bed as any other Sim does.

Sleeping SimBots emit ones and zeros instead of Z symbols as a reference to binary code.

While SimBots can eat food, they prefer scrap, and a single piece will completely restore their hunger and provide the Great Meal moodlet.

Unique Interactions

May converse with inanimate machines such as food processors to regain their social need.

They can spin their arms like helicopter blades to smash objects for scrap metal, although they can be fined for doing such on public property, except in junkyards.

They can also WooHoo, but cannot have children from interaction with Sims or other SimBots.

It is not possible to create a SimBot-Mummy hybrid, although SimBot ghosts are possible.

The only way for them to "reproduce" is by inventing new SimBots, but this requires them to go through the extended process of getting this ability.

They also get a special SimBot only special moodlet from Inventing.

Just like summoned Mummies, SimBots are classed as elders by the game.

SimBots come online with automatic ranks in both the Handiness and Inventing skills. (Not full, but already some skill).


Other Sims, and even other SimBots, will react to SimBots with apparent revulsion if the Simbot is close enough to the said Sim, just as they might react to ghosts and mummies, although those with traits such as Party Animal or Brave will cheer instead.

This will make them interrupt what they were doing and cancel the whole action queue, and they won't be able to get back to what they were doing by themselves: this is not limited to the first meeting with the SimBot: any time a SimBot leaves the Sim and return to the range of the Sim, this reaction is triggered.

This can be turned off with mods.

Hydrophobic and Short-Outs


All SimBots are created with the Hydrophobic trait: If a SimBot gets wet, for example by forcing them to shower or swim, they will shut down and get a "Short Out" moodlet which lasts for four hours (it has also been reported that a SimBot may short out for no apparent reason).

During this time, other Sims can repair the SimBot, or can choose to Reprogram them, which allows a reselection of their traits, including the ability to remove all of their traits.

If the simbot is alone in the household, the blackout will not kill him/her. It's a moodlet that disappears after a few hours. If another sim is present, the simbot can easily be repaired.

There seems to be no lasting damage from shorting out a SimBot, so it might be useful for redesigning the personality of a newly created SimBot, as the only other opportunity to select traits without using cheats is the Mid-life Crisis reward. Reprogramming a SimBot may reset its relationships.

Most invented SimBots will have the Brave trait.

SimBots cannot be singed or set on fire, allowing them to safely detonate objects without any negative effects even if they are directly caught in the explosion.

If electrocuted, SimBots are not only immune to the negative effects of electrocution, but will actually get the Energized moodlet and have their Charge need completely restored.

This is most reliably reproduced by having a SimBot attempt to repair or upgrade an electrical object on top of a puddle, such as one created by turning a gardening sprinkler on indoors; but it can also occur during failed repairs or upgrades, from getting caught in an electrical trap, or other ways in which a Sim may be electrocuted.

Making a SimBot sleep in the Cursed Sarcophagus of the Kings for an extended period of time will replace one of the SimBot's traits with the Evil trait. They do not gain the Good trait from sleeping in the Blessed Sarcophagus of the Kings.


SimBots can die of old age, and can also drown, starve or be killed by a meteor.

Evil Simbots

Making a SimBot sleep in the Cursed Sarcophagus of the Kings for an extended period of time will replace one of the SimBot's traits with the Evil trait.

(They do not gain the Good trait from sleeping in the Blessed Sarcophagus of the Kings).

Tattoos or Makeovers

Since they do not have malleable skin and (technically) do not wear clothes, SimBots are unable to receive tattoos or makeovers.

They do not receive the "Completely at Ease" moodlet when opting for spa packages, though they do retain an "Energized" moodlet of the same magnitude, but not the duration.

SimBots have jets in their feet allowing them to hover from place to place. They use this mode of travel as a substitute for running, and also use it when going between nearby lots.

This is confirmed as partly true, as using mods, it is possible to bring a SimBot into dresser mode and recolor them.

Incidentally, it is also possible to give a normal Sim a recolorable SimBot body in Create-A-Sim mode through usage of the unlockOutfits cheat. However, doing this has no effect on the Sim's abilities or behavior.

Sita July 31, 2019