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Basic life span for each age group, fully customizable from the options menu.

Set to Epic gives the following values.

Elders don't die immediately, and may live longer than the number of days shown. Some may last weeks past their expiration date, just like humans.

The chances of an Elder who is "past hir sell-by date" of 85 in the regular game settings may be influenced by the player's settings in Options:

Some Supernaturals live longer: Vampires, Mummies and Genies, at least.

Holding back Ageing in Sims 3

"Artificial" ways of holding back ageing.

Life Fruit

You can extend a Sim's lifespan by a single day by eating a raw Life Fruit. However, they can only be planted by a level 7 Gardener and the "Unknown Special Seeds" or "Life Seeds" are only available under certain circumstances: Sims can find the seed by searching, as a science career reward, by exploring the catacombs in a mausoleum, fishing it out of a body of water, or while using the Time Machine.


The better option is to cook Ambrosia, which resets the Sims age to a predefined value (adults eating it will reset to have 26 days until aging). It can also bring Ghost Sims back to life.

Ambrosia requires the purchase of the very expensive recipe (ยง12000), level 10 Cooking Skill and one Life Fruit and one Deathfish as ingredients.

(A deathfish can only be caught with level 10 Fishing skill, from the Graveyard between midnight and 5am and needs angelfish for bait. Note that if you catch enough deathfish you can stock a pond and have a supply of these available all day round.)

Young Again potion

This potion requires the Generations pack and is created using a chemistry set or Potions bench, or may be bought at the Elixir shop. It resets a Sim who is older than a Young Adult back to day 1 of the YA stage.Sims need a high Logic skill to make the potion. Or it's available as a Lifetime Reward @ 70,000
This can take any Sim above Young Adult, back to day one of Young Adulthood. This is arguably more powerful than Ambrosia. Alternatively, make as many Young Again potions as needed at $5,000 each by using the Chemistry Set.

Age Freeze Potion

Another potion, so also requires the Generations pack. This is a Lifetime Reward that requires 65000 lifetime happiness to obtain. Drinking it completely stops the Sim from aging further, though others around hir will continue as normal. UNLESS the Sim eats birthday cake after drinking the potion, when aging will start up again. This can't be crafted from Chemistry.

Change form

If you have the relevant expansion pack, you could also get the Sim converted to a Vampire or Mummy, as they have longer life spans.

Genie wish

Long Life: Making a Wish with the Genie for Long Life will add 30 days to your Sim's lifespan, allowing them to remain in their current life state an extra 30 days..

Athletics Challenge

There is a challenge in the athletic skill that can extend lifespan: the Marathon Runners challenge. Basically you have your sim go jogging for a minimum of 500 km, and it extends their lifespan. I have a sim who is supposed to live roughly 180 days who is already at 210 days!


may also be an option, if you consider that as extending the original Sim's life...


Speeding Up Ageing

Birthday Cake

Advance the age of a playable Sim by using the birthday cake, which can be bought by the player in Parties section of 'Buy by function' in Buy Mode.

This magical item will age up Sims to the next state. Use this if you'd like to skip earlier stages of life.

But if Sim children don't perform well the player will not get to choose their traits as they age up.