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What Lies Beneath

This house works for ecologically conscious Sims; or post-apocalyptic, or hippy or any other kind of oddity.

It's inspired by my hearing recently of a building I used to know well, that had a government bunker beneath it. That building, including said bunker, has disappeared off (beneath?) the face of the known world, and that got me thinking - what happens to those buildings when they are no longer required as the last refuge of scoundrels?

Here is a park or garden at ground level, which makes a pleasant oasis of green in the middle of a busy city.

This version of the bunker has been completely sanitised and opened up for residential use. There are rudimentary facilities for survivalists, or until more modern ones can be installed - a simple toilet-shack, a park firepit to cook on, plenty of room to grow your own and be self-sufficient, or even keep cows, chickens or bees. With adequate fencing it could form a safe haven during a zombie attack. Hidden underneath the lovely greenery is the completely emptied former government bunker. And that is completely empty! Rooms, desks, everything is gone apart from the regulation off-green wall paint. There is power, of course, from the uninterruptable brown box buried miles beneath, and clean water supplies, should they be required.

The entrance, certainly not grand, has been unhidden but is still partly concealed by dense foliage.

And there is one small concession to luxury, a hot tub to appease the inhabitants and please estate agents.

Internal stud wall partitions have been completely removed, but the estate agent has kindly left the original fluorescent lights and a couple of sleeping bags. Enjoy your stay!

A note for builders: If you want to develop this lot further, please be aware that if you use the Hidden Room marker, even in the outer basement-partitions, the game will immediately and IRREVERSIBLY, change the lot into an Apartment, with the loss of build-mode without cheats for anything outside the door.

As most of this dwelling is underground it would be better not to use it in world where the water-level is very high! Or you might get major flooding.

Assuming a decent height, subdividing the space and building downwards, ie making further basements, should not be any problem.

The only cheats used in this building were ConstrainFloorElevation and MoveObjects On. it has been play-tested and caused no routing errors.

It contains only items from the game, with all EPs and SPs installed.

Lot size, though of course it could fit onto a larger one: 40 x 40

Cost: §44,394


This house was inspired by a tutorial by SimSample and QBuilderz here, many thanks to them!

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