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Tales from Ayodrya

(Ayodrya means "The Righteous City" and is the home of my legendary namesake.)

This was a huge, cleaned Mega-Über Hood made by Tarlia. Many thanks for all her work on this.

It includes the Maxian Lots and most of the original Townies, cleaned up.

Belladonna Cove is the main city; PleasantView, Riverblossom Hills, Strangetown, Bluewater Village and Verona are shopping districts.

I kept the original Maxian names for places and Sims.

I've used some of the Scenarios of the Random Occurence Scenarios set discussed in this thread at More Awesome Than You, purely for ideas, but tailored them to suit my gameplay.

Mostly I play each family for one play session or a few SimDays. Sometimes a family will call another into play and then I'll move to that one. Sometimes I pick one at random. The ultimate goal is to bring all the Maxian characters into the stories.

Mixed in with the rest of the Hood was to be the Farmer wants a Wife challenge, other themes and more challenges.

Unfortunately the MegaHood was lost in a recent SimQuake when I "upgraded" to Win XP 64 bit. Such is the way of Sims.

Carlos Contender

The Oldies and the Pleasants