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Did you know you can renew your Sims2Enhancer? I've just done it for the oomptieth time, and folks say to me they cannot.

Apologies for the wall of text but so many have told me they can't - it's not hard, but there are several steps. Sims2Enhancer is such a useful program, I use it a lot. Very good value for the price I paid, way back in 2008!

All you need is the email address - NO you don't have to be USING that email address, you just have to be able to fill it in on a webform. AND the invoice number for your original purchase of the program.

(The invoice number is not the number from PayPal, it's the number in the email you got when you bought the program in the first place, and if you were careful about internet purchases you saved that, didn't you?)

Now make sure you have the trial version of TS2E installed, which you can download here.

Once you have found these, go to this page

and look at the bottom of the page.

It says:

Did you already purchase and need to log in again to get your Unlock Code?

The link in your confirmation email is the easiest way to retrieve your unlock code and is usually sent within seconds of your purchase. Optionally you can go to the Unlock Code Generation page. You will need the email address used for the purchase and the purchase invoice # to confirm your purchase before you will be allowed to generate an unlock code.

Follow that link to the Unlock Code Generation page. Complete the form - note that for this you do NOT need to USE the email address, just to know it. So even if you don't have access to your old email account because you changed ISP, you can still renew.

This will generate a new page, which asks you for your computer's code.

When you start up TS2E, ie actually run the trial version, TS2E generates a unique code for your computer. That shows up just above the box where you will enter your new registration code. You can't copy-and-paste that, but manually type it into the box on the webpage. That will then at last generate you a NEW CODE for your TS2Enhancer, enter it into the long white box and your program is once again working!

Sita January 30, 2019