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Useful programs for Sims 1

For checking stuff before playing, avoiding nasty crashes!

(Also defrag your drive regularly and make sure it is not overfull. The game needs a fair amount of free space to actually RUN.

SimEnhancer by Rick Halle (Pay programs but you CAN get a new registration code generated here if you have the details of your original purchase).

Lot Manager by SimWardrobe

Skin Doctor by Dr Pixel - sadly the Blarney Stone has closed, but you can get this program from the Sims Resource now.

The Sims File Cop - really only useful for walls, floors and clothes - its main function is to check that textures are in 16-bit format.

For Making stuff

Transmogrifier by Don Hopkins

Homecrafter by Maxis

IFF Edit from SimPrograms

Script Station from SimPrograms

Career Creator 3 or Job Factory

FAR Out SimWardrobe

The Sims Menu Editor

Programs that can be fun and may be useful

FaceLift Gold by Maxis

The Sims Art Studio by Maxis

Necessary for Uninstall\Reinstall

Sims Eraser from Maxis - run this as many times as you have EPs plus two when uninstalling - IF you want to uninstall Sims 1 and EPs it removes the Registry entries that can prevent reinstalls.