Sims 1 can be a lot of fun to play "themed". This is something that is still virtually impossible to do with Sims 2, at least on a per-neighbourhood basis. There are FAR more user-made downloads for Sims 1 than for Sims 2. You can make a mediaeval neighbourhood, complete with suitably dressed Townies, a magical Lord of the Rings - style Hood, a fairie Hood. Possibilities are limited only by your download limit...and it may be possible to overcome that by simply making one whole folder of The Sims which has your themed Hood/s in, all with say a Fifties theme... and then if you want a Louis XVI Hood, copy out the whole Sims folder, make a whole fresh new install and put in the appropriate downloads, skins, floors, walls etc.

Well, starting on this, to me, a lot of the base game objects and clothes look as if they belong to the second half of the 20th century, USA, culture. In fact when I first saw the Sims 1 it looked so much to me like reruns of "I love Lucy" that I avoided it for years and so was quite late arriving in the Sims scene.

I've learned a lot about themed Sims 1 from friends on the  Simblesse Oblige boards and would highly recommend that board for any Sims 1 player, themed or not; there are many talented Sims object makers, hackers and skinners there and the conversation ranges from the absurd to the amazing, but is mostly amazing or encouraging!

I'm reorganising my downloads links to fit within a themed framework, and where possible adding some notes on architecture and decor of the period. Please note that these are my own random jottings on the periods and may not be altogether accurate; they are only intended as guidelines.

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