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Sims 1.1 patch for Sims 1.0

This patch is for the North American and Polish release (including English, Spanish and Polish).
Download Patch 0 here for North America and Poland (2.8 Mb)

This patch is for the European and South American releases (English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Spanish and Portugese).
Download Patch 1 here for Europe and South America (2.8 Mb)

This patch is for the general Asian release (English, Thai, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Korean).
Download Patch here for Asia (except Japan) (2.8 Mb)

This patch is for the Japanese release only.
Download Patch here for Japan (2.8 Mb)

This Patch is only for the Bild version of the game, available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
Download Patch here for Bild Version (2.8 Mb)

Other Sims 1 issues

Night Workers Need a Union

A night-job worker needs only miss one night before being fired instead of two. This is fixed in the v1.1 patch (above) and EPs.

The chipbag bug

If the Sim puts down a chip bag, it cannot be selected or removed by maid or by Sims. "Unsnacker" fixed this in the patch to v1.1 and later EPs, otherwise the Slot Machine download contains the fix.


The game's original limits were

Those Limits were removed with Livin' Large and increased to 65k total files!

Later the Build mode limitation was increased to 2000 objects with Unleashed.

Symptoms of the Limits bug

Across Sims generally, many build objects tend to morph into something else altogether.

The solution is to remove some downloads to come below the limit.

Deleted Mailbox Trashcan Portal

NEVER delete these.

Portals have been known to just disappear for no good reason in the original game.

Makin' Magic, includes extra "intelligence" to try and recover from this but it's not always successful.

Swimming removes will to work

The icon to get in the carpool disappears when the sim is in the swimming pool. This is a persistant little "problem" that has never been solved.

Navigation Problems

Also, if you fence off all access to the road (so the only way there is back through the house), Sims lack the intelligence to go through the house to get out with free will but don't seem to have a problem when you direct them to the carpool.

House Party Problems

Flies can get stuck in walls. A third party patch fixed it but caused issues with the House Party buffet tables. It's best to use the move_objects cheat to dispose of the flies.

Hot Date Problems

Vacation Problems

This bug was fixed in the Makin’ Magic expansion pack, if you use this fix follow the instructions in the “readme” enclosed.

Unleashed Problems

Unleashed patch

fixes the following issues:

Floods no longer spread under objects.
Sims will retain the pajamas or swimsuit they purchased Downtown or on Vacation.
Adult and child Sims now sit to watch TV.
Fixed 180° spins at the end of routes.
Fixed Memory leaks and improved longer-term gameplay performance.

Web Template display fixes:

Sims of both species now display proper gender in web pages
“Human” Sims no longer display pet statistics in the “Stats” page
Web pages now launching in the neighborhood screen

However, it did NOT fix a couple of issues in the web templates: incorrect skill statistics still being displayed for human Sims in the web templates (though files still function properly within the game) in all languages. And several foreign languages contain missing strings in the web templates (they will display “needs translation” in those instances).

SuperStar Problems

Makin' Magic Problems

There isn't a Maxis patch for MM; there are some user patches at SimPrograms

Music Problems

Build Problems

Baby Problems

Patches for later games

Patching The Sims, The Sims Deluxe, or The Sims Double Deluxe for the PC.

Deluxe Edition patch here (US)

here for Asia excluding Japan

here Europe

here Japan

Fixes the following issues:

Many memory leaks have been fixed.
We sped up a number of game processes for Windows XP users
Corrupted skins will no longer crash the game.
Invalid skins will now show up in the game as a plain white skin.
Load times have been improved for all systems.

Important notes:

If you have Unleashed, or higher, you do not need to install this patch.
You must run The Sims at least once before running the Sims Deluxe patch.

Patching Hot Date