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March 26

Sims 3Morten's New Old House.

March 24

Sims 3More about Umay.

And Some Pertwees! They're from Barcelona!

March 8

Sims 3More from Sanctuary. Umay and Bastis

March 8

Sims 3More from Sanctuary. More of the Pescadoes

March 8

Sims 3More from Sanctuary. Samples and Pescadoes

February 28

Updated the Online pages a little, more on Dr Who. Added Forums.

February 24

Sims 3A new Sim: Igraine Rutabaga.

February 20

Sims 3Scenes from a Royal Wedding

February 18

Sims 3Tita and Vidcund Curious-Lights and Family in Al Medina

and 2

February 6

Sims 3I added some information to the Info section about Collectibles. It's a really nice part of the game; Sims can be very wealthy and never get a Job or Profession unless they want to. Good way to fund Artists and Sculptors.

February 4

Sims 3Lights in Starlight Shores continues.

February 2

Sims 3A final visit to Arkham

Sims 3And Sita's Academy Community Lot - shell for your decorating delight.


January 28

Sims 3A little more Sanctuary and here.

January 27

Sanctuary Tales. Sims 3

Catching up. Pertwees, Gotti, Pescado, Grammy and Takahashi

The Pertwee Boys

All the Leaves are Brown

January 17

Sims 3New build. A Community Lot for Nerds! Lots to do and comics as well.

January 13

Catching up with the Kewians. A lot has happened in the lives of this not-so-little family

January 7

If These Walls Could Talk Challenge; the final chapter of the Archer family.

January 5 2015

Tita and Vidcund Curious-Lights and Family moved to the lovely world of Al Medina.

02 January 2015

Never believed I would make it this far!

A little more about TitaI's family here.

30 December

I've had MAJOR trials and tribulations with my game and Windows 7. It seems there is a little thing called DEP which causes many problems. I suspect some (Store) CC as well.

Anyhoo, I'm back.

TitaI Lights and her family, Durga the genie she freed, and their three children and a toddler, moved to Starlight Shores. Read about them here.

Happy Simsmas

13 December

The Snapes and more from the Bonkers.

The Bonkers Family Winter Celebration

8 December

I've added the start of my Asylum Challenge.

Review of Sims 3 EPs and SPs

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