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April 13

A new world, new and old Sims.

Manu Valley.

Spock in Manu Valley, The Big House, Encounters in Manu Valley

March 26

Sims 3Morten's New Old House.

March 24

Sims 3More about Umay.

And Some Pertwees! They're from Barcelona!

March 8

Sims 3More from Sanctuary. Umay and Bastis

March 8

Sims 3More from Sanctuary. More of the Pescadoes

March 8

Sims 3More from Sanctuary. Samples and Pescadoes

February 28

Updated the Online pages a little, more on Dr Who. Added Forums.

February 24

Sims 3A new Sim: Igraine Rutabaga.

February 20

Sims 3Scenes from a Royal Wedding

February 18

Sims 3Tita and Vidcund Curious-Lights and Family in Al Medina

and 2

February 6

Sims 3I added some information to the Info section about Collectibles. It's a really nice part of the game; Sims can be very wealthy and never get a Job or Profession unless they want to. Good way to fund Artists and Sculptors.

February 4

Sims 3Lights in Starlight Shores continues.

February 2

Sims 3A final visit to Arkham

Sims 3And Sita's Academy Community Lot - shell for your decorating delight.


January 28

Sims 3A little more Sanctuary and here.

January 27

Sanctuary Tales. Sims 3

Catching up. Pertwees, Gotti, Pescado, Grammy and Takahashi

The Pertwee Boys

All the Leaves are Brown

January 17

Sims 3New build. A Community Lot for Nerds! Lots to do and comics as well.

January 13

Catching up with the Kewians. A lot has happened in the lives of this not-so-little family

January 7

If These Walls Could Talk Challenge; the final chapter of the Archer family.

January 5 2015

Tita and Vidcund Curious-Lights and Family moved to the lovely world of Al Medina.

02 January 2015

Never believed I would make it this far!

A little more about TitaI's family here.

30 December

I've had MAJOR trials and tribulations with my game and Windows 7. It seems there is a little thing called DEP which causes many problems. I suspect some (Store) CC as well.

Anyhoo, I'm back.

TitaI Lights and her family, Durga the genie she freed, and their three children and a toddler, moved to Starlight Shores. Read about them here.

Happy Simsmas

13 December

The Snapes and more from the Bonkers.

The Bonkers Family Winter Celebration

8 December

I've added the start of my Asylum Challenge.

Review of Sims 3 EPs and SPs

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