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May 2 2016

March 17 2016

Sims 3I've updated the stories of TitaI Lights and her family in Starlight Shores, starting here.

March 3 2016


A new Sim. Gagool, a fearsome witch.

Pantharapalli City Hall

A new Town Hall, or offices.

February 22 2016

Added a few photos.

February 16 2016


A new home for your Sims [ The Castle ]


February 4 2016

Blog updated, for the anniversary of SIMS 1!

Sims 3Wild Palms - a new desert world, or an old world with new Sims. And some old favourites.

More of Jezzer

The Gas Station

Sunset at Sunrise

The Race

Separating Craigs and Oona Goes Wild

Craigs in Wild Palms



January 8 2016

More Great Bear

Once again McDark

The O'Dourkes

Sadly, my Sims 2 Uberhood is now officially dead.

December 21

A sprinkling of stories from Great Bear.

Sims 3The Rakenface Sisters and Bert Labum

Sims 3More of Bert

Sims 3Manuelita Garcia


November 30

Sims 3Information about PlantSims

Jessica Minh and the twins

November 20

Sims 3Anon in Paradise

November 19

Sims 3

Back to Isla Paradiso. The Curious-Lights family moved in... the place will never be the same.

November 11


Some new homes for your Sims 2 Elders. [ The Mission ] [ OAP 1 ] [ OAP 2 ] [ OAP 3 ]

November 9

The Bus Stop.

November 4

A couple more updates from the Uberhood. The stories of the Ottomas and the Gothier families.

October 31

Hallowe'en Festival


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