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20 April

Strangetown Bulletin 5

CITY SAVED FROM SKY PERIL! and a Not-A-Honeymoon.

18 April

Strangetown Bulletin 4

Joe Fish.

15 April

Strangetown Bulletin 3

I've also done some updating on my Sims 2 Themes pages, which contain links to various special downloads on different themes.

Addictions Bizarre Crafts Disguised Egypt Fantasy Mediaeval
Medical Religion SciFi Steampunk Uniforms Weapons  


7 April

Strangetown Bulletin 2

1 April

Barrington Apartments and their special fences to download.

~~~~~~~~~NOT an April Fool's joke! Sita is learning to use SimPE at last!~~~~~~~~~~


Miklos House


30 March

Petite Fleurs and The O'Mackeys more from the Uberhood.

26 March

Art Deco Wallpapers.

22 March

Update 7: Three and a Half Goths and one Traveller, Bells, Dreamers latest update from the Uberhood.

10 March

Love is a continuation of my story from the Uberhood.

4 March

Currently playing Sims 2, and loving it.

I updated the Religious Artefacts Theme page today as I needed some stuffeths for my churches. I discovered the wonderful Affinity Sims forum was FULL of goodies! and would recommend it to anyone who wants churches or Christianity in their Sims game.

Some time later in the Uberhood continues the occasional stories from the large Sims 2 world I have.

28 February

Contempo Towers a large house in modern brutalist style.


22 February

More from Whistestop and Seas, Bees and Adventures


12 February

Whistlestop and Valentine's Day Snape



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