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Jeromy and Snow were the last two Contestants.

Tita and Snow went to the Consignment Store, which had recently been rebuilt. Snow Bawl tried to convince the Consignment Clerk that she and Jeromy were being held against their will and that they were in serious danger of being murdered. Sadly, he didn't believe her.

Meanwhile at Mo's, he had an attack of the sparklies. "Oh, I say!"

and suddenly felt his age.

He rang Tita to invite them all over.

"If you want a change of walls, I'ld like some company. By the way, my washing machines in the launderette here are all in need of repair. Can you maybe use that as a challenge? It would help me as well. Not that there is anyone here to use the washing machines, but my clothes are very clean!"

"Brilliant idea. We will come over tomorrow, as soon as Snow has stopped mourning for Meggie."

"Ah. I meant to ask, I'm sorry, I liked Meggie too."

"So," said Tita. "Go to Motoki's laundrette and fix his washing machines. This is your next Challenge. Let's see who is good at fixing things. I want to get on with the gardening here."

"Jeromy, the washer won't get fixed by you cleaning the kitchen?"

Snow completed her washer first. She also fixed the old-fashioned laundry sink. 

Jeromy, though slower, did fix his washer eventually, as well as cleaning the kitchen and the dryers. Motoki watched them both, carefully, thoughtfully.

After she had finished the gardening (and got her gardening 10th level skill) Tita arrived.

"Well, that means that Snow Bawl wins the Sim Survivor Challenge! But first we have to say goodbye to Jeromy. Should we head back to the Cemetery? Perhaps since we, well, you, are the remaining survivors, do you think we should give Jeromy his send-off here?"

Motoki actually began to cry. "Please don't! Today of all days! Yesterday was my birthday. I'm all too aware how short our Simlives are. I'm sure he can find something useful to do, and so many were lost already in the Cataclysm. He might not be the brightest flower in the bunch, but he is really good at cleaning. I'll vouch for him, if no-one else will."

Snow agreed. Even though she still disliked Jeromy strongly, he was a link with her past, and her dislike for him had actually been decreasing. Though when they talked he was so mean that she remembered why she had disliked him so much.

Jeromy, completely oblivious to the discussion of his fate, sat and played with a toy boat.

Tita phoned and argued with SimGoddess. "I know the authorities told them they could only come here if they could be in the Challenge. Yes, I know people from Twinbrook are regarded as troublemakers. On his best behaviour? Well, I guess he had better be!"

So they had a little party at the Base Camp. "I will be glad to see the end of this place," said Snow.

"I don't know, it's been kind of fun!" said Jeromy, unusually good-natured because he had just grasped that he didn't have to die.

"Do you think so?"

"And I will miss the nightly hauntings. I was actually making friends with Myskaal. Even though he's a ghost now. I like Jess better as a ghost too."

"If you really feel that way, Jeromy, there is a possibility. This island has no graveyard - the land the graves were on was all swept away. And I've always thought a graveyard needed a resident gravedigger. Someone to keep the tombstones from getting dirty, someone who can look after the plants and make sure nobody nicks Auntie Rose's pansies to put on Fred Bloggs's grave."

"Yeah... It beats being IN one of the graves, which is the only option I had earlier. Could I have my own house to live in? I'ld like somewhere of my own, somewhere to keep clean and neat."

"Of course. We will build you a little house, nothing too fancy."

"You're on!"

"What about me? Where will I go? What will I do?" asked Snow Bawl.

Tita turned to her and said very formally "Snow Bawl, you won the Challenge! Your prize is 1 million Simoleans, and that will give you a good head start. There are a few Sims moving into the island now, so you should be able to get some help with making your new home. You can choose wherever you would like to live, and later I'll show you the map. After that, well, it's up to you what you do. What DO you want to do?"

After this, the four survivors were made an offer they could not refuse, and moved to Jericho, where a new town was being constructed for Self-Sims.

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