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And more Bonkers

Kutto woke up one morning with a burning desire to kiss Aggie for the first time.

So he put on his sexiest face.

"You taste like fresh green salad."

And so Aggie and Kutto got engaged.

Aggie, who was now working as an Investigator, had to break into Hyprekia's house.

Why didn't the burglar alarm go off when she picked the lock?

He came back just after she let herself out, not having found anything - and found her standing IN his bin.

Of course, he recognised her immediately in spite of her cunning disguise.

"What are you doing?" he asked, after watching a moment.

"Um. Stretching? No? Um. I know! I've come to invite you to my wedding."

"You're getting married?"

"Yes! Kutto asked me this morning!"

"Congratulations, then!" Jess didn't quite know what to say. She was one of the Bonkers Asylum family, and he backed away cautiouosly.

He was a really nice guy, and she couldn't see why Witch wanted to get at him.

It was the day of Spring Festival.

"Wake up! It's time to go get free food!"

Rhayden and Aggie, Meiji and Josh got into an eating contest, which Rhayden won easily.

Don't forget this family are still quite insane. Things HAPPEN around them. As in, they go to the park and find it's flooded. And play on the swingset.

With a few of us working, we were finally able to add another bath and a shower, and a couple more toilets. Which improved the atmosphere in the house considerably.

I was still experimenting with elixirs, and gave my bestie Aggie the Midas Touch, hoping she would turn her mean fiancé Kutto into gold. He hid, and she turned some of the others into gold. It wore off though.

Aggie was working on another case, this time investigating Jess Snape's mail for Witch Poofs, when she fell heavily for Jess. Witch wanted her to search his mail and garbage.

Eventually Aggie, fed up with Kutto, married Jess! And they adopted a second cat, a friend for his kitten, a big mean ginger tom.

Why DID Witch want blackmail material on the Snapes?

To be continued

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