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The Snapes and more from the Bonkers

The Snape brothers moved in, once more single. Each bought a small cottage.

Jess still plans to become an Alchemist and keep bees, and he took the kitten.

Sarcasmus works for the Police as a Forensic Scientist. And Sarcasmus married his work-partner, Latonia nee Scarborough.

Meanwhile, Hyprekia wants to be a Psychic. He bought out the Gypsy Caravan and started at the bottom as a Horoscope Reader.

The Bonkers family again.

Meiji speaks again:

The gang have been helping out at the Spring Festival, but now it's over so they will have to look for something else to do. Science says they don't need them anymore as Test Subjects, they prefer rats.

I really want to focus on my Alchemy. I went to the Elixir shop to find out more about it.

Something I need to do, according to the Sim at the Alchemists' shop, is to throw some of these at other Sims. Well, my roomies are all nuts, so it could prove interesting.

Oh and Lil Brudder got arrested. It's not good form to fall for the arresting officer.

This odd creature turned up.

It turned out he was sniffing after Witch. I should have guessed; she does seem to have that effect.

I threw a jar of friendship at Witch, and got a kiss for my trouble.

"What do you mean pair of l- ? I'm giving her a massage!"

"My work here is done."

He beat me up and then accused ME of being rude!

"I'll see you on the balcony later."

I had to apologise to my respected ancestor there...

But I got my revenge! I threw a Jar of Discord at Kutto.

Witch persuaded me to let her move out. She can be very persuasive when she wants something.

And the basement is flooded again. You can't see it too well here, but the water is up to Kutto's waist.



Hyprekia's lovely house is one of the ones made by Picasso for The Sims Daily Forum for Hinckley Village here.