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SimLua 8

The Bonkers Family Celebrate

Meiji's photos.

In the deep midwinter.

Dawn working hard in the snow?

Ahh. A Grimmy snowman.

You lot make my brain itch.

A little pre-party tidy up and maintenance.

And as people start to arrive, Josh fell asleep.

It's called "Making an entrance". Get over it. Yes, that's Jess Snape in his new seasonal suit. He married Aggie, who will arrive later, she's minding their baby, Agrippina.

Very pleased to see Witch (a former resident) back.

Josh put a skeleton by the modern tree.

Josh woke up at the thought of presents. Don't they look sweet sitting there like good children waiting for their presents? And what is wrong with the couch? Apart from extreme ugliness?

Next to Hyprekia is his new wife, Latonia. Ditzy as she looks, he adores her.

Witch does have that effect on people.

Kutto tried to chat up Latonia. "Youre sweet, but you think after Hyprekia I would want you?"

Dawn Bast "digged" the music and I danced with my easel.

Aggie has lost a lot of weight since she moved out, looks splendid. Jess looks almost like David Tennant there. Dawn is still nice and chunky, and that dress... is pure lace.

The last few guests and family partied on into the night.

A Merry Christmas to all my readers!

Sadly, a few days after this the whole world disappeared in a puff of purple smoke. Some thought it was the result of Hyprekia's experiments with the Transmogrification Station, or possibly the sum total of insanity in the Bonkers household, or perhaps Witch had made a pact with He-Who-May-Not-Be-Named, but as we can't ask him, who knows.