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Chronicles of Moonlight Falls

Evie G'Leash was one of the new wave of immigrants to Moonlight Falls. (The name change denotes her Genie status). She was able to buy a large, old-fashioned house.

The biggest difference, now that she was a genie, was her skintone. Also, she seemed to have put on some weight, as soon as she became a Genie!

"The garden needs some work."

No worries about cooking, as she was now a genie. She found she could make the best food just appear out of thin air.

"THAT's why genies are fatter!" but the delicious flaming cake burned her tongue.

"I can live here very cheaply and well, if I need to."

But the Angel Cake burned her tongue.

And then she registered as a Magician, and went to the local park to practice her new skills. She made all of 10 Simolean tip for her trouble, but enjoyed herself.

"Meh. Must have been the wrong time of day. But I MUST change the costume for something more flattering. What do they think, Genies are all as skinny as fairies?"