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The Gardiner Legacy Part 5

Teenagers at Last

The triplets were becoming teenagers. Their party went well. When Jane heard that it was Skip Broke's birthday as well, she insisted the girls invite him and his whole family over, and baked him a cake as well.

Skip Broke's father Flat certainly enjoyed the party.

How do you keep three teenage daughters busy and out of trouble? Fritz kept them hard at work in the garden.

In spite of that, Felicia met and made friends with Don Lothario. We can see what he is thinking about? Yes, those money trees...

Fritz was not too happy about that. Don was quite a bit older than Felicia. They encouraged her to keep in touch with her new friend, but to ask him over to the farm house rather than going out much with him. Don was quite happy to visit, as he was sure of great food and good company, and a warm chessboard on the verandah.

Felicia had a problem, a terrible one for any teenager. Her hair kept falling out! 

There were no hair specialists in this area,  but from what the family could find out from the Net, hair loss like this could be just caused by stress, or sometimes hormones. The local hospital, of course, checked her out but declared her in good health. "In fact your whole family have an incredibly healthy diet, put the rest of us to shame," said the doctor. "All those fresh fruits, fish and vegetables!"

She and her Mum went to the stylists in town to see if anything could be done.The stylist scowled and trimmed Felicia's hair to a uniform, very short length, " so at least it doesn't look so patchy."

Felicia didn't like the stylist. Jane had a wig made for Felicia from all her long auburn hair that was cut off, but Felicia decided she rather liked the short look. 

Analise in her turn decided it was time she did something about her weight, and took herself off to the gym, skipping her job at the supermarket, which she didn't like much anyway. 

She discovered that although she hated PE at school, working out at the gym, at her own pace, was a lot of fun.

Analise stayed out late (at a friend's house - she was very upset when Fritz gave her a telling off for being returned by the police - she had been DOING HER HOMEWORK!!!)

Charis got to know that Newbie boy a bit better. Bob, his name was.

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