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Larry's Holiday

Larry's house

Looking good, Larry.

One of these days he should do something about the garden. It was completely wild. But there was always marking to do, books to read... and there was a new post to apply for as Head of Department in a school in the neighbouring town of Newton leFade. hence the new suit.

But he was also contemplating marrying Pippsi, and did not see how the two things could both happen... unless they were to take their honeymoon in Egypt? 

Would she like roughing it in a tent?

He amused himself charming his snake, whom he called Ramesh, while pondering these mighty decisions.

Well, he went by himself to Egypt.

Yes, he took his car. That's why the fares were so expensive... but he was glad of it in the long desert drives.

So Larry's beaten up old Henrietta went to Egypt, her back seat full of bottled water, a tent and several shower-in-a-cans.Oh and yummy dried food. I think that person he went past must have been Indiana Jones, he didn't stop to find out.

Some places were too far offroad for Henrietta to go. Running under the hot desert sun was tiring, but controlling a class of 30 little horrors keeps you in good shape. Or so Larry said.

Inside a tomb, he just happened to have an archaeologist's shovel in his pocket.

And there was a sarcophagus - opeining it carefully... Ah! the light!

There were some very nice gems in the sarcophagus! The most worrying thing was the glow - he wondered if it might be radiation and didn't stay long. He put the gems in a bag at the very back of the boot of the car. just in case.

But all good things must come to an end. His time was short and he had to leave before he had completed his exploration of the tomb. He planned to return though, as often as possible.

Back home, he unpacked - this basket had looked nice at the market in Egypt, and the pipe came with it. He was quite surprised to find that a snake had also come with the basket. "Well, I had been wanting a new pet, but I thought of fish... I suppose you are scaley at least."

When he got back, Pippsi, his fiancée, was very pleased to see him, and even more pleased with the lovely gems he gave her!

And the bedroom finally got used. Pippsi was already planning a big wedding.

Larry and Pippsi Hookins

Sita 27 January 2011