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Fairlight and Ella

Moved in together in Bay City. Fairlight was constantly bullying her and treating her like a slave.

One day she stood up to him, they had a massive fight and in fear of her life, Ella ran away.

The policeman she ran to for help, Darrick Thorn, a big, fat and very dark-skinned Sim, was sweet and almost fatherly toward her, and listened to her carefully. Then he asked "What do you want me to do about it, Ella? Do you want to press charges?" 

"I ... don't think so..." she shook her head. "If I do, he will know where I am. I am so scared of him. He'll kill me if he finds me. He's always told me that if I ever run away he will come after me and won't stop till he finds me, and then..."

Darrick had heard this story before. "I'll tell you what. I have a large police house, with two spare bedrooms. Come and stay there, for a while. He'll never look for you there." 

Later, Darrick and his partner interviewed Fairlight, saying they had had a complaint about violence.

Fairlight snarled. "From whom? She will never press charges."

"Maybe not. But we will be keeping an eye on you." Fairlight laughed them out of his apartment.

Fairlight, now single again, was the life and soul of the party at the club. What was a pity was that there was nobody else there. 

Fed-up bartender: "If I just ignore him patiently, maybe I'll get promoted."

He was wishing for nothing less than to marry a wealthy Sim and then be widowed - suggesting the policeman's instinct could be right after all.

However, Darrick decided he didn't want to leave it there. He and his partner agreed that they would wind Fairlight up a little, so they went back a few days later and charged him with murder, saying that Ella was missing and he must have disposed of the body somewhere. Of course, in the end, they had to let him go as they obviously couldn't produce a body. nor get a confession. But he didn't know that.

Once Fairlight had been allowed out of custody, he went straight back out on the town, and picked up Marisa. Then he went to another bar, and started to flirt with the bouncer, Antonia. However, she was not wealthy, though very attractive. 

And then, heading home after a date with Antonia, he bumped into, of all people, Ellatrue, who, having been away from him for a while, had become a little more assertive and stood up to him for the first time in her life.

"ELLA! They had me in jail - they thought I had buried you under the patio!"

"You don't have a patio. You live in a penthouse suite... I've been - somewhere else. I'm not telling you where."

"You're a loser. I'm GLAD I divorced you."

"So am I."

Exhausted after her row with Fairlight, Ella went back to Darrick's house. At least there she was safe.

What happened to Fairlight? Ella and Darrick.