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Fairlight and Jolrei went clubbing. Janna Barclay was there and insisted on dancing on Jolrei's table. "Mind where you put those heels."

"This is what they do to celebrities in this town." said Fairlight from his table. "Better get used to it."

"Strange town!" said Jolrei.

Another expression of that strange town: a little entertainment at the launderette, where Fairlight shoved Mike Jackson into the wall. Showing off for Janna? Probably just being Fairlight.

"I don't like your face, and I want to prove to you that it can exist in the same place as the wall. And is better for doing so."

Fairlight found Leigh Simish alluring. Janna was fun, but not wealthy. Leigh Simish, on the other hand, was quite well off.

He was also very very strongly attracted to her. 

Fairlight was bored with the paparazzi hanging around all the time. Once Leigh discovered she was pregnant, it was only a matter of time before Fairlight and her affair with him became celebrity gossip. So they were married quickly and privately, on the balcony of his downtown apartment. And then they decided to leave his apartment in Bay City and move to her cottage in Newton leFade.

Fairlight agreed to everything she asked - for now. But he thought a garden would be good - with room for a swimming pool, or a nice patio.

Not so long after they moved to Newton, Leigh gave birth to Kayleigh.

A beautiful little girl, she was quite a charmer. 

Leigh told him blissfully that her lifetime want was to have 5 children... and that if she got her way, they would soon be needing a larger house.

Fairlight was worried. But Kayleigh was such a sweetie. He felt his resolve softening. Maybe he would just settle for marrying a wealthy Sim.

He had to visit the film studio in Newton leFade one more time. While there, he found Lorelei near the butterfly garden. "Aha! the perfect victim! A matyzen!"

"So are you - we sing from the same hymnsheet."

"You live in a trailer here. I've got out, away. In fact I was never in the same world as you."

"You cannot be trying to imply that you are as good as me? That you know as much as I do? You are a mere baby by comparison."

"And roleplay or not, you suck!"

"In fact you suck so much..."

"I can't think what you suck as much as."

"You never did bother much with school, did you?"

"Well," retorted Lorelei, "I think you are total rubbish and we're better off without you."

"And as for what you can do with your music..."

Fairlight won the fight. 

She left, fuming. Fairchild, satisfied, went back to Leigh and Kayleigh and to being the perfect father to his toddler again.

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