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Ellatrue and Darrick Thorn

Ellatrue had taken shelter from her abusive husband Fairlight with a friendly policeman called Darrick Thorn. After a long time, and her divorce, they decided to get married. Soon after the wedding, Ella became pregnant.

One night Ellatrue was singing the blues about work with a group of friends at the Muddy Rudder, with Tigress Kitten, Yohe, a few others, and the mixologist turned out to be a very decent pianist...when  suddenly she had severe cramps. It seemed she was going into labour.

She set off for the hospital, called Darrick on the way and he said he would meet her there. Little Delia was born at the hospital.

Darrick meanwhile had been working out at the gym. 

[Apparently while I wasn't looking, as I had story progression turned off... anyhoo he lost a load of weight!] Ella's cooking must have been good for him. He left his job as international Superspy so that he would have more time to look after his daughter and her mother, and got a job in the Education career instead, which he hoped would be far less demanding and less dangerous.

In fact he rather enjoyed being a house-husband, and since Ella chose not to take maternity leave, it worked. [A game glitch? She got no leave and no maternity pay.]

Ella planned to go back to work as soon as possible as she loved her job in the business world and was quite ambitious.

They moved to Newton leFade. Darrick got a job there as a teacher at the Elementary School, and Ella got a promotion to Division Manager.

Their little girl Delia was a toddler now, and Ella was looking for a better place for them to live. She felt they needed a prestigious address.

"Power dressing look" for the successful businesswoman.

They bought a newly built house by Pinecat which was gorgeous... Ella couldn't get over it. It was in a green area, in the suburbs.

Darrick decorated the nursery. Ella liked hanging out in there!

Delia just loved to play with blocks.

After buying this house, she invested the remainder of the money (50K) from the sale of their old house, which she had always thought of as Darrick's house, in the business she worked in. Darrick and she were not getting any younger, and it would be an investment income for their later years - she thought she might use the profits from it to take Delia travelling, an opportunity she herself had never had as a child.

To get a promotion, Darrick needed to study. He didn't really like studying. Would much rather be working out. Maybe being a teacher wasn't really his career either. He wasn't too old to switch careers and wondered what might be fun to try... maybe firefighting, or the military. Delia loved that idea! Daddy Fireman!

Little Delia was turning into a rare beauty. Ellatrue made a large profit from her investments.

They decided it was time to move again. Newton was getting increasingly overrun with riff-raff [and lagging like mad].

They moved to Simsville. Bought a house which the Estate Agents called, for some reason, The Goth House.

Ellatrue and Darrick in Simsville