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Crumplebottoms and Meyers

So Ralph likes to bathe with his clothes on. So his wife likes a little drinkie at times. So what?

Ralph Meyers telling a ghost story to an attentive (and slightly scared) audience of Alvin and Zombie Jezzer.

Leo Meyers is her cousin, a fisherman.

He lives in a houseboat called Little Lucy Lu, and has promised to take them out fishing on his boat.

Liam O'Dourke

Liam meanwhile had reached dizzying heights, and also asked Jezzer to leave after becoming tired of his tricks and taunts.

"Julie... I... err. I got promoted today."

"Oh, congratulations. What's your post now?"

"Crime Scene Technician. Err... I wanted to give you something... This is the second hardest thing I've ever done."

"Is that what I think it is? I thought you would never ask. Oh, I haven't anything to wear - let's just stay in instead!"

They got married, quietly and privately.

And the next weekend held a wedding party in town, to which Zombie Jezzer, of course, invited himself.

"Best audience ever!"

The happy couple, as is traditional, sang karaoke together. And as I'm told is also traditional, a townie turned up wearing a pretty blouse and a pair of knickers.

Once the musicians got going, the party became more animated, apart from the townie with the knickers, who seemed to be mesmerized by Zombie Jezzer's playing.

Julie's a bit of a party animal and when she discovered Liam didn't like to dance, she spent most of the evening dancing with Garrett.

Don't give up the day job.

Ralph Meyers giving Alvin some career advice. "I'm sure you would do really well as an Investigative Journalist."

"What can I do now?"

"I know! Torment Mr Hole!"


The boys had got hold of an old car from the dump and were "working on it", or more accurately playing with it. Garrett, for instance, liked to "drive" it.

Liam dropped by, to give his condolences. Also, to brag about being married.

Burble Turkle moved in with them after Ma Crumplebottom died, very quietly and with far less fuss than her brother. She and Garrett hit it off very well till she tried to borrow some money from him.

"I haven't any money to buy you a wedding present but I have this: now go and buy a Lottery Ticket!" Burble cast a Good Luck Charm on Liam.

"Oh, what was the most difficult thing you ever did?"

"Asking Zombie Jezzer to move out."



Burble's eye shadow is by Aristoc, hair I'm afraid I don't know. Her bikini top is from Katy Perry Stuff.