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Emigres from Arkham

Knowledge household

17, Oscoela Road, a little out of town. This family consists in Emile Durkheim, Max Weber and Jules Daily, in a triangular but peaceful relationship.

After moving in and building the extra garage, they had very little money left. Emile got a call to come and fix the election machines at City Hall.

Jules was working hard on her writing, and started to write a sporting book, while the guys were doing up a car between them, and between them a few seeds were planted.

Max needed to go to Egypt for a business trip, expenses paid, so invited his housemates along.

Max did catch some unusual bugs on their trip: a Rhino Beetle, a Rainbow Beetle, and a Cleopatra Butterfly, which were quite valuable. But he only found four of the ten scarabs he needed for an experiment at work.

DIRECTOR household

Here live Therese Riley, housekeeper and nanny, Charles Darwin, Jezreel Craig, daughter of Charles and Jeromy, and Chaz, son of Jeromy and Charles.

Charles enrolled both children in the School of Peace and Love. "They will get a good education, I'll be able to concentrate on my work, and you'll be able to concentrate on looking after me!"

Both children have an alien quality, large, pointed ears and huge eyes.

The Marx family

Karl invested in the Sports Dome, Sixam Field. "Bread and circuses, my love. We give the plebs bread and circuses and they vote for us!"

The view from their balcony was worth §at least a million.

The beginnings of her snake collection.

Back to the Knowledge family

Emile and Jules both had birthdays. Jules was an Adult now, but Emile feft old age creeping up on him. Both also got good birthday news:

Jules' book was a Best-Seller!

and Emile was finally promoted.

The Crumplebottoms

The Crumplebottoms, an elderly sister and brother, had kind hearts and took in some (hopefully temporary) lodgers, Alvin, Garrett and Jack Hole.

Guess who got to sleep on the floor?

The lads discovered that there was a community garden where you could sometimes get MONEY! So they started to hang out there, while Ma Crumplebottom actually did some gardening and picked veggies to feed her household.

Jack loved the Money Trees, of course.

Alvin chatted up Sha Sha Gamboa.

"You work as a paper boy? Now, see, if you had a nice red sports car, I might be willing to go out with you."

"But I don't have a sports car. I have a bathroomobile."

"You have got to be kidding me."

"You don't wanna talk to him, he's a dork. Talk to me instead! I'm the sexy one."

"Yeah, so I was thinking about making one of those 'kickstarters.'"

"Now that's a great idea! What would your project be? What's your Web address?"

"I need a web address?"

"Kickstarter is an Internet-based way of raising funds for a project - a new game, an invention... and you have no idea what I'm talking about have you?"

"I just heard it was a good sca- er idea for people to give you money."


He couldn't get money from her, so he tried for a kiss. That didn't work either.

Terence Crumplebottom invested his savings in the Matinee Movie Theater.

But never made any money from it.

Jack was too busy mourning to take notice of the zombie who said he "only wanted a hug".