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The Milhouse family

These inappropriately-dressed Sims all arrived on the same day. Trixiebell Milhouse had inherited a house in this old French town.

He led them all around the house. "It's going to need a lot of work, the solicitor said..."

"A door to begin with." Fred Brenny.

"We'll manage." Inge, always practical.

Left to right, Dudley Landgraab, Trixie, Fred Brenny, Lorelei Talliaferro, Inge Jones and Aggie Punster, who was not happy. "You said it would be nice here, Trixie. It's COOOOLD!"

"Let's get inside," said Fred. "A sit down in the warm and a nice cuppa would do me."

Inside was bare. So no sofa, no chairs, no cup of tea.

They set to painting and building a staircase, adding furniture bit by bit.

Sleeping bags upstairs.

Slowly, as they worked hard and progressed in their jobs, the group amassed some more furniture and the house became more comfortable.

Some of them learned to fix things.

Some learned to cook.

Some wanted to buy things before they could afford them.

Aggie consulted the fortune teller and held her peace.

Until one day: "Me bum! Me bum's on fire!"

"Help, help!" whispered Dudley. "His bum's on fire. Well, and his foot, and his arm and his head."

Thanks to Inge's foresight, they had a fire alarm and so didn't have to wait for someone to phone the fire brigade.

"I've mostly put him out. Over to you Mr Fireman."

"Oh! Please call me Walid! And I do like your dress!"

"Owowow!" said Trixie.

"I've got it, bend forward a little more, Trix!"

And it was indeed love at first flame for Aggie and Walid the fireman, who rescued Trixie from certain death. They got married.

He moved in with the lot of them, as Walid had very little money. So they are saving for a place of their own; Trixie opened up an attic for the couple to sleep in, but there's very little room.

"We can't see the TV for your bump, Aggie, move out of the way!"

Aggie and Walid moved out soonish, when she became pregnant. They managed to rent a tiny cottage, which was still enormous compared to their attic room in Trixie's place. Which was to become Trixie's room - well, he did OWN the place.

Walid left the Fire Service. He had not been a great fireman anyhow. But, as he said, he had met some interesting people! Their little boy is called Andrew.

To be continued



Bourgeneuf is a beautiful world made by Manu, first published on The Sims Daily forum. It can now be obtained from this thread on Pixelated Puddings forum, with a savegame.

The Sims: Dudley Landgraab is a Sims Console for Sims 3 Sim made by Claeric and available at Mod the Sims 2.

Fred Brenny is from the Exchange.

Lorelei Talliaferro is from MATY, Trixiebell Milhouse, made by Tsenatserix and still available from MATY, as are Inge Jones here, and Aggie Punster here. We last saw Lorelei fighting with Fairlight here. Inge was seen at Sol Sim's retirement party and in her own story in Twinbrook. Aggie was first seen married to Trepie.