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Views of BonSanco

BonSanco Town Centre at dawn.

And the East End.

Emergency Warning

A meteor storm is heading for BonSanco from the Eastern Desert. Citizens are requested to remain in their homes, and not to panic.

It's suggested that there may well be some property damage but you will be safer indoors as the shower contains many smaller stones, expert advice is that these stones may be burning hot when they get here, so fireproof clothing is recommended.

Keep calm. A siren will sound at the beginning of the shower, which those living in the central areas will be able to hear. Sims living in the poorer areas of town are on their own.

The Fire Services WILL be available but please do not call them out unless it's something you cannot deal with yourself.

The Science Labs were hit.

Rico Felton, 27, proprietor at the new Flying V's Coffee House, became the first victim of the storm when a large meteor landed in the car park. Where he was standing.

Myrtle Butt, 10, was barely saved from death at the Festival by meteor by Mo Chang, 54 going on 21, who told us. "Those things scare me half to death. I've faced mummies and firetraps - no problem. But I HATE meteors! Now go home, your Mom will be wondering where you are!"

"She doesn't care where I am," said Myrtle. "She wants to send me to boarding school. But can I use your toilet please?"

"Sure! Barbarella will be pleased to see you and Jesslla will make you both some tea."

So far it seems the meteors are hitting the Eastern side of town. Our extremely brave reporters have been out and about trying to spot the next meteors. Along with Trepie and his family, other foolhardy spectators, and a few rock collectors.

"East End? Well, that's all right then," laughed Trepie, 60 going on 23. "They can fall on the oiks that live over there. Kill out the poorer folks, we don't need them." [delete that from the record please.. oh, it's live?]

"It seems to be moving across town."

Then Jelly Rakenface was almost hit by one at the Town Hall.

Snow Bawl's mummy friend Deng Wang was caught by a meteor while he was walking back from the Science Labs. Bertram Noel was badly hurt in the same fire.

"I'm dancing in the fire. Oh I think that should be rain. I don't think mummies like fire very much."

Delia tried to put him out.

"Ooh sparkly! I wonder what is happening?"

"I guess I know what this is now."

"Hello, old friend. I've been waiting for you a LONG time."

Delia was a dab hand with an extinguisher.

But that didn't save her.

Or her mother, Ellatrue, who was hit by yet another meteor.

"I've had a good long run. It's time."

One even landed close to the Fire Station.

The bombardment continued for several days and nights.

"So much for BonSanco. But Sims are Sims and some at least will live to see another day. Mwahahahaha."