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BonSanco Chronicles: Thorns and Stones

Ellatrue, Darrick and daughter

When they moved, Darrick was looking for a new job. Ellatrue was a level 4 corporate drone, and bought a share in the Sahara MegaCorp, thinking it would give her some say in the business. She came home talking about "portfolios and stakeholders". Darrick smiled.

In return, Ellatrue had to go and lobby a meeting at City Hall about business taxes. This led, in a roundabout manner, to his getting a job in Politics. He was still working towards his lifetime ambition of reaching level 4 in three different careers; this would be the third; he had been a School Department Head (lvl 7) and an International Special Agent (lvl 10) and rapidly rose to City Council member.

They were very happy.

So was Delia.

One day, he went to the Sahara Corporate Headquarters, and collected their share profits, which was high: §24K. He decided he would like an office there. Ellatrue, in turn, was still working as a mere corporate drone. This was maddening.

They moved to a slightly smaller and less luxurious house. This gave Darrick enough funds to buy out the business building: Sahara Corporate Headquarters became Thorn Corporation Headquarters.

To celebrate, Ellatrue booked the three of them a short trip to France.

Delia went off on an adventure, leaving her mother and father to play chess and chill at the base hotel, and she found the missing baseball for the shopkeeper.

Ellatrue was a little disappointed. She had been hoping for Paris and clothes shops, and instead they were in this rural town, with nothing much but a nectary and fields. But Delia collected a good many bugs and butterflies. She and Darrick both got Visa level 1.

Ella took it very easy. She was feeling queasy, and oddly, so was Darrick.

When they came back, Ella sent Delia off to Smuggsworth Prep School.

Darrick had found a small Spire cut Tiberium in France. When that grew to a Large one, they sold it, and Ella bought the grocery store.

Delia set off for Smuggsworth.

Suddenly, Ellatrue was on maternity leave. That was quite a shock.

She had a little boy, Lonnie.

Years later, on holiday again in Champs Les Sims, here are Lonnie and Delia.

Darrick, now getting bored with running the business, spent the first part of their holiday at the Nectary, leaving Ellatrue to take the children out and about. His excuse was that he would need something to do when he retired, which he planned to do soon; would like to make level 5 first and get his LTW. He bought a Nectar Maker and some Nectar shelves, and a dozen each of the best Nectars to lay down in the new cellar they had made under their house. He also spent several days feeling rather drunk and queasy. It didn't help that the first nectar he tasted was a plasma one. He decided he had no palate for Nectar and would concentrate on making or buying it as an investment. Maybe Delia or Lonnie would be more interested in the stuff. Ellatrue, of course, loved drinking but was far too busy to do any nectar-making.

At home, he built a cellar, installed the nectar racks he had had shipped over, and the good nectar he had bought there too. He asked Ellatrue to sell the Plasma Fruit Nectar next time she went to the Consignment Store.

To his delight, Ellatrue had become pregnant again on their holiday, much to Delia's disgust. And this time she had twin girls, Honey and Daisy.

Here's Daisy, wanting homework help from Daddy.

From the dizzying heights of Vice President, Darrick finally retired and was presented with a Motive Mobile. "I could have done with that when the kids were small," he sighed. These days, Ella mostly used it to drive to work.

One evening, the whole family ran out behind their house to see something in the sky.

Rohina came running out of her house opposite. "Not another one?" No, she had been working on potions when the bench exploded.

There was a mighty roar.

One huge rock.

And a lot of small rocks.

Later that same night, Rohina notices some lights in the sky. "Is it an aurora? We're too far south here, surely?" Cornelius didn't even look up from his medical journal.

Rohina, being the incredibly curious Sim she is, just HAD to go and see.

"Oh that tickles my..."

Rohina's daughter was growing into a pretty and rather serious child.

"Mommy going to have an alien baby now?"