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He had been working hard on his house, and it was almost as good as he wanted it.

"Now you all be good. I'm off to the cinema."

Things didn't go quite according to plan. When he came to, it was dawn, and he was in his evening suit and completely broke, on the road outside the Casino. Without any memory of what had happened in between - he sniffed at his clothes, and discovered nectar - his best guess was that the Casino won over the cinema, and he had got into a fight, and been ejected.

He decided to wander down to the pier, to see if any of the new businesses he'd read about in the paper had set up there yet.

Snow Pei and her new Chinese husband Liu had bought out the whole pier area and were redeveloping it as a commercial project.

He found this playground, already busy first thing in the morning, and one shop was open; a fish shop!

Liu Pei was the shopkeeper there. Pes had some fish with him from yesterday's fishing attempts. He asked Liu whether he would be able to sell them. Liu was very happy with them, and gave him §468. "While you are here, my contractor let me down, I would pay you to upgrade my sinks."

Although he was still in his formal suit, Pes thought, why not?

Rohina came into the store, fresh from a fight with her husband right outside the door; she then picked an argument with Liu Pei.

"How does your husband put up with you, Mrs Butt? I feel so sorry for the man!"

After he finished the plumbing, Ava Tanner, complete with obligatory paparrazzi, turned up and they had a good old gossip. They had a kind of on-off friendship which had not yet become more than that... but he hoped it might.

"I seem to be constantly firefighting; cats need food, bills to pay... I don't make much from the inventions I make. That doesn't leave any time."

"Well, don't forget me! Give me a bell sometime soon, okay?"

"That's okay - I have to give my cats a flea bath anyway."

Happy, he rode home on his vacuum cleaner.

"He was a long time at the cinema."

"I thought it was too good to be true when he said her name was Wanda."

Meanwhile, his maid, Liza Sharp, was good company, and she liked the cats.

But he carried on being a contented bachelor and trying to save for his next trip abroad.