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More kittens

Aya Tanner turned up and told him she was pregnant.

Not only that, but her husband had counted on his fingers and decided he couldn't be the father - so he had thrown Aya and her younger children out.

Pes somehow made space for the two kids and their mother. Homework on his hacking desk. Dirty washing everywhere that Liza just didn't seem able to keep up with. The house was noisy and he could not concentrate. He didn't get much inventing done but felt busier than ever.

Then, he got lucky. As THE major consumer of WeeIs Cat food in BonSanco, he was invited to record a commercial and paid §5000 simoleans for the privilege.

His cats had 4 kittens: Alabaster, Micarta, Arborite and Melanine.

On top of everything else, this was too many cats even for Pes, so he put all the kittens up for adoption. Micarta, Arborite and Melanine were quickly adopted. He couldn't stand to part with Alabaster in the end, and argued that Pescadoes always had three cats.

Aya and Romon Tanner's divorce came through. And little Junji was born! The older children went to boarding school.

Pescado decided that with the teens out of the way, he rather enjoyed having a baby around. So long as he could escape into his laboratory and shut the door.

What with rehoming kittens and children's visits from boarding school and a baby who needed a lot of attention, Pes was getting very stressed. So Aya decided to move with her children into Darren Dreamer's house; he was a former boyfriend, a very good friend, still single, and had loads of space. Darren meanwhile stayed at the Fire Station, not to compromise Aya or himself. Darren had a lifelong attraction to one Darleen Batista, who was married in turn to Paolo.

After some time, Romon sold the very large house he and Aya had owned jointly and moved to a smaller one, with his oldest son Ethan, now a young adult. He sent Aya half the money so that she could buy a place of her own.

Seen here, Yuna, Grant and Junji.

In the end, she decided to stay with Darren and they enlarged his already sizable house substantially so the kids could come home, as the Academy of Peace and Love was not at all impressed with them.

Pescado was served with papers. Junji Tanner is definitely his son. Though Aya was certainly not short of money now, he sent presents from time to time, generally when she rang him and reminded him his son's birthday was coming up, and when he bumped into the older children in town and they reminded him.

"Now the distractions are all gone I can get back to inventing.What does this piece of metal want to be? - Frabbits. Phone! Ah, I have it!"

"It's a rotational pull!"

By the pricking of my thumbs...

Ducky Lionheart this way comes!

Pes pretended to be scared, and honour was satisfied.

And finally, he went back to Egypt.

"The cats are pregnant again. At least the new machine de-flead them easily. Flea baths were not pleasant for any of us. Hm. I need to invent something to stop them catching fleas."

"You put your left arm in, your left arm out, do the hokey-cokey and you turn it all about..."

The secret to getting past Mummies is to get them dancing!

He did a few quests, including sneaking past three mummies to the Soulpeace Chambers.

"I wonder what that radiation is? Oh well, I'm not planning any more sproglets. Not that I was planning Junji, really."

The kittens were born just after he returned; Singapura had three this time; Pescado called them Pavlov, Tetris, and Red Pen. He promised Alabaster (on the left here) he would not give away her new playmates.