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Rohina Butt

"Mean is a legitimate lifestyle choice."

In spite of that, Rohina was lonely. With her tiny cottage and garden taking up most of her time, and work the rest, she had no time to get to know folks in her new neighbourhood. And she felt she was missing - something.

The repairman was confused. "Anything else I can do for you, Miss?"

"Er... no. Thanks for fixing my computer."

The next time I looked, she had still not been promoted but had acquired a boyfriend, one Cornelius Vandeen. He was smart, but not too smart, had acceptable genes - not that she had any chance of becoming a clowncar [trans - mother].

Satisfied that he would provide necessary company, do the housework, and not be too intrusive to her lifestyle, she took him out to the casino, and proposed to him. Of course, he accepted. Who wouldn't?

He had to go on a business trip to Shang Simla.and promised her a honeymoon there as soon as he could book it the following week.

Cornelius was a very Charismatic Sim. He brought her some presents back and earned his visa level 1.

Burrowing in bins was a hobby of Rohina's. And the bin of the Tanners, who lived close by, was a very good bin! She found an uncut pink diamond uncut there.

"The things they throw away! Oh, and this is interesting... a folder full of blackmail pictures and documents! Romon's been cheating on his wife again."

She questioned Lola Lancaster

"I'm such a heavy sleeper - specially when - I'm not alone in my bed. I never heard him leave, but he was gone when I got up at 7."

She uncovered a plot involving Molly Bateman and Darren Dreamer, who had been conspiring to protect Romon Tanner from his wife's wrath.

Then she needed some fresh fruit and went to visit the newly-married Jesslla and Mo von Camelid.

"No, not an official visit. I just came straight from work, didn't have time to change from my uniform. It's really good to see you. (Are you positive he has all his papers in order?)"

And then it was time for that honeymoon. She decided she would spend time studying Martial Arts. "You never know when you might need it."

They came home with enough profit to expand her tiny cottage quite significantly. Now it was almost comfortable. And then she got her promotion and so did he.

Forensics was the way to go for Rohina.

"Paint? What? Don't they have MACHINES to do that?"



Rohina is a Sim I made in response to a thread on MATY. You can get her here.