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Mo Chang

A fisherman, living in a houseboat. He got so annoyed with a burglar who came three times to his boat, taking his microwave, and was never caught, in spite of the burglar alarm he fitted, that he decided to "do something about it" and joined the police himself.

On the small salary from the police, he managed to get himself to Al Simhara and had a wonderful three days, jogging around and seeing the sights. "This is the life!" he told himself. This was where he wanted to be, what he wanted to do.

Promoted to Traffic Cop, it was time to go abroad again. And he would need to make some money, this trip, as there were improvements he wanted to make to his boat. France should be good for fishing.

This time he set off for France, where he found a little Napoleon Gnome. And hit Visa level 2 very quickly! He planned to go back as he never did manage to do the fishing he had planned. Instead, he earned quite a bit of money by couriering some items around, and collecting some gems and bugs. He had to sell the bugs there, as they aren't normally alllowed through Customs, but he still came back with a nice selection of minerals and gems.

He transmogrified some of the jewels into a Soulpeace gem, and cut the Soulpeace gem into a heart. Selling this meant he could now move off the houseboat and try to make a home of his own.

He bought a house called Petrol Palace, which oddly enough had been a petrol station. Not so good for fishing, but it came with its own 4x4, so he could travel more easily.

Discovered the gym was very close to the home of his old friend Kitty Price and they spent some time together, becoming good friends.


Jesslla von Camelid

moved into a little derelict church in town, next to the police station, and got a small grant from the City to help rebuild it

Jesslla's hobby was gambling.

Once he met Jesslla, Mo quickly forgot any aspirations he had had about Kitty Price, though they remained good friends.

He married Jesslla, and she moved in with him, selling the old church for a handsome profit, and they set off for Egypt for their honeymoon.

But she didn't like driving in Egypt. "There are no proper roads! What is it doing to my car's suspension?"

Jesslla watching Mo checking out chests. After setting off a few traps, she decided the tombs were too risky for her taste. She preferred the ersatz excitement of the Casino.

"I don't like watching you risking your life in every tomb. And I certainly don't want to do it myself! Life's too precious for that. You can go tomb-raiding by yourself in future."

They brought back a lot of canopic jars, sigils and many metals and jewels. And she had become pregnant on the trip.

He gave up his job in the police and went full time as an explorer.

Little Barbarella was born. Jesslla wanted to be a full time mum (and gambler) and gave up her job as well. She had developed a longing to make a garden, which she felt must be from some other life. She found a sense of security when she had fresh fruit growing, ready for picking. She found that with plentiful watering, most things would grow in their desert home.

Mo set off for Al Simhara again, but made a point of phoning Jesslla every day.

He found his way into the beautiful Tomb of Queen Hatshepsut.

"Are you remembering to feed my snake?"

"Hello scrumptious! I need you to look up some hieroglyphs for me..."

"And how's my little treasure? Can I talk to her? Hello baby, it's Daddy!"

On his last day he went to visit the Great Pyramid, jogging across.

Found a falcon just outside, which he brought home for Jesslla.

"I'm inside the Great Pyramid. Surprisingly good signal strength from here!"

"Found scarab beetles today. Oh, and I bought some pomegranates for you. The merchant says they will grow very well in Bonsanto. Just need watering, but then so does everything."

In case you were wondering, he's picking up a rock in this shot.

Visa level 2 and Marathon Runner, and he completed the Excavator Challenge - he had cleared a huge number of rubble piles and can now excavate them 35% faster.



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